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111 <br /> Seam- � arspui ; Tr`pJ • . ,. 93-13056 .,.,,. <br /> • L'a tlfi Ytltl f 11 <br /> This is to certify that an interest in the real <br /> RECORDED IN <br /> property conveyed by deed or grant dated OFFICIAL RECORDS <br /> from the undersigned grantor(s) to <br /> • <br /> the City of Chino Hills, a political corporation, is a 93 MAR 25 AM 9: 30 <br /> hereby accepted-by the '.a^derst^cu City Clcrk-uis 1 FEE 6 <br /> behalf of the City of Chino Hills, pursuant to the CHRG SAN BERNARDINO <br /> authority conferred by Resolution No. 91-40 of 2 MSYS 7 GIMS COUNTY, CALIF. <br /> the City Council of the City of Chino Hills on the <br /> 23 day of December 1991, and the grantee 3 PCOR 8 NO F • <br /> consents to the recordation thereof by its duly <br /> authorized officer. 4 LNNT 8 ST FEE <br /> Dated: /�, /��j - 5 SVY <br /> 5 DTT (;;: <br /> City Clerk <br /> WHEN RECORDED, RETURN TO: <br /> City Engineer A.P.#1025-321-42 <br /> N City Hall <br /> OCity of Chino Hills, California 91709 ***Space Above This Line For Recorder's Use*** <br /> ********************GRANT DEED******************** <br /> FOR A VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledge Rahjun Arabians, a <br /> General Partnership, by Deed recorded April 27, 1984, as Document No. 84-098916, of Official Records, <br /> Do(es) Hereby Grant to the CITY OF CHINO HILLS, A California General Law Municipal Corporation, <br /> ("Grantee"), the real property in the City of Chino Hills, County of San Bernardino, State of California, <br /> described as follows: <br /> SEE EXHIBITS "A" (LEGAL DESCRIPTION) AND "B" (PLAT) ATTACHED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF. <br /> The undersigned also grants to the CITY OF CHINO HILLS, the privilege and right to extend and <br /> maintain drainage structures, 2:1 excavation slopes and 2:1 embankment slopes: also the privilege <br /> and right to plant and maintain grass, plants and trees on said slopes for the protection and <br /> beautification of the same on the following described parcel of land described as Parcel 2 on attached <br /> Exhibit "A"., <br /> Reserving unto grantors, their successors or assigns, the right at any time to remove such slopes <br /> or portions thereof upon removing the necessity for maintaining such slopes or portions thereof or <br /> upon providing in place thereof other adequate support, the design and construction of which shall <br /> be first approved by the City of Chino Hills, for the protection and support of said highway. <br /> Dated \71)V /(, / ?c?- <br /> RAHJUN ARABIAN , a General Partnershipn <br /> BY: (, 6e,i4C / tt'17w`— Witness <br /> ¢ Q 4I o4C/ , �r n CLAIMED ME rY �rCNER: <br /> BY: .(6�+ (,� /,�.�(�'u'`�,e� �w"'�^- (.lil Hrl.l�Y� �..LAllYl i.fu L Y iV <br /> Individual <br /> _Corporate <br /> Officer(s) <br /> Partner(s) <br /> State of California ) —Attorney-In-Fact <br /> ) SS. =Trustee(s) <br /> County of San Bernardino ) Guardian/Conservator <br /> Other: <br /> On before SIGNER IS REPRESENTING: <br /> me, Name of Person(s) or Entity(ies) <br /> appeared <br /> personally known to me (or proved to me on the <br /> basis of satisfactory evidence) to be the person(s) <br /> whose name(s) is/are subscribed to the within <br /> instrument and acknowledged to me that <br /> he/she/they executed the same in his/her/their <br /> authorized capacity(ies),and that by his/her their <br /> signature(s) on the instrument the person(s), or <br /> entity upon behalf of which the person(s) actea, <br /> executed the instrument. <br /> WITNESS my hand and official seal. This area for official notarial seal. <br /> Sdarleo <br /> RC1AL SEAL) <br /> Signature IA COWNS - <br /> 118LIC-CALIFORNIA <br /> INARDINO COUNTY <br /> vs March 17 19' <br /> MAIL TAX STATEMENTS AS DIRECTED ABOVE <br />