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• RECORDED IN OFFICIAL RECORDS <br /> This is to certify that an interest in the real <br /> property conveyed by deed or grant dated APg 8 1993 AT 8:00A14 <br /> �. - A,-93 from the undersigned grantor(s)to SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY <br /> the City of Chino Hills, a political corporation, is �To <br /> hereby accepted by the undersigned City Clerk on <br /> behalf of the City of Chino Hills, pursuant to the <br /> authority conferred by Resolution No. 91-40 of 1 FEE 6 I1 <br /> the City Council of the City of Chino Hills on the c ((]] <br /> 23 day of December 1991, and the grantee_ a7� 152614 <br /> consents to the recordation thereof by its duly 2 MSYS 7 GI�II.S .� <br /> authorized officer. <br /> Dated: G, If 93 <br /> 3 POOR 6 NOV <br /> BY: 4 LNNT 9 ST FEE <br /> �'' ' City Clerk <br /> 5 SVY <br /> WHEN RECORDED, RETURN TO: <br /> City of Chino Hills Clerk <br /> 2001 Grand Avenue 5S <br /> Chino Hills, California 91709 DTT <br /> A.P.# 1017-231-23 & 035 (Ptn) <br /> Recording Requested By City of Chino Hills <br /> Exempt Recording Per Government Code Sec.6103 ***Space Above This Line For Recorder's Use*** <br /> 4 ********************GRANT DEED******************** <br /> (No Tax Due) <br /> FOR A VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, Gagik Galstian, as <br /> \ Trustee of the Galstian Family Trust, dated June 29, 1975, ("Grantor"); does hereby Grant to the CITY OF <br /> CHINO HILLS, A California General Law Municipal Corporation, ("Grantee"), the real property in the City <br /> cyS of Chino Hills, County of San Bernardino, State of California, described as follows: <br /> SEE EXHIBITS "A" AND "B" ATTACHED HERETO AND BY THIS REFERENCE MADE A PART <br /> HEREOF. <br /> Reserving therefrom unto Grantor all oil, gas, mineral and other hydrocarbon substances, without the right <br /> of surface entry. <br /> Also reserving therefrom unto Grantor easements for roadway and for all types of public and private utility <br /> purposes, without any obligation on the part of Grantor for the maintenance or improvement of any such <br /> easements, and with the right in Grantor to convey such easements to others without joinder by Grantee or <br /> by any other party. Upon completion by or on behalf of Grantee of a public roadway or other public utilities <br /> upon the real property described above and the availability of such roadway or utility for public purposes, <br /> the easement reserved unto Grantor hereby shall terminate as to the roadway or public utility so completed <br /> and made available for public purposes. <br /> Dated • a..., ? <br /> GAL/ SLA► FAIL R ST <br /> /1J <br /> Gagik Galstian, Tnulee _- <br /> C <br /> Witness <br /> CAPACITY CLAIMED BY SIGNER: <br /> State of Cal�ferni� ) Individual <br /> zJ ) SS. _Corporate <br /> County of'Sa�i Bra rr,�rdi,r�c ) Officer(s) <br /> _Partner(s) <br /> On / 3 ( A fore ,Attorne -In-Fact <br /> me --- 12aT�as�. ti/Trustee��lj <br /> appeared L� Guardian/Conservator <br /> .� _ _Other: <br /> SIGNER IS REPRESENTING: <br /> personally known to me (or pr.,."ed to-me on Et <br /> ef- e Na .f P j or Entit�(i ) <br /> basis- sa isfaetoi-e-vie enee-) to be the persons J ie I U(l <br /> whose name) is/ subscribed to the within d' <br /> instrument and acknowledged to me that <br /> he/s)/ty execut d the same in his/ r/t r _ <br /> authorize capacity(),and that by his/ r/ it +��� , o.,� OFFICIAL SEAL -� <br /> signature on the instrument the person, or i . EDWINA L. RAPPOPORT t <br /> entity upon behalf of which the person acted, I ��- l,.. Notary Public-California <br /> executed the instrument. i = 44-4'3° LOS ANGELES COUNTY l' <br /> is My Commission Expires t <br /> WITNESS m hand and official seal. <br /> ^• June 30, 1995 r <br /> Allir <br /> Signature « "�''- 0`" This area for official notarial seal <br />