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TBIS,. IS TO CERTIFY THAT THE 4&EST <br /> IN REAL <br /> --.0 <br /> CONVEYED BY rliE WITHNsTRL'MENT TO �0-�46 1187 <br /> WATERWORKS DISTRICT NO. 8, COUNTY OF-SAN BERNARDINO, <br /> , ; GRANTEE, IS HEREBY ACCEPTED BY ORDER OF THE BOARD <br /> OF SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY OF SAN BERARNDINO, RECORDED IN <br /> TE <br /> STAOF CALIFORNIA, AS THE GOVERNING BOARD OF SAID 1FEE 2NMS"S NCH 41.N;hT r{ ' <br /> W:ANTEE, AND SAID GRANTEE CONSENTS TO THE RECOR- <br /> DATION TEEREOF BY ITS DULY AUTHORIZED OFFICER. { 2 } ,�, 1 i <br /> DARE: __ 21 SSD <br /> 5 SVY 5 DTT "u� _ CiFtI1f6DIt�tO <br /> CO., CALIF. <br /> BY: (5A ?01460 <br /> iNputyr� EQB L")•,'ERS USE <br /> __ —. ._ <br /> • _ RECORDING REQUESTED BY BOARD OP SUPERVISORS <br /> ..--r — RECORDED CORDED RETURN TO W.WORKS DISTRICT NO. 8 -- <br /> 14575 PIPELINE AVENUE, CHINO, CALIFURIT NA 91710 <br /> GRANT OF EASEMENT <br /> SEWERS) <br /> ROLLING RIDGE ESTATES PARTNERS, A CALIFORNIA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, formerly <br /> "ROLLING RIDGE ESTATES PARTNERS, A CALIFORNIA GENERAL PARTNERSHIP" <br /> Hereby grant(s) to San Bernardino County Waterworks District No. 8, Grantee, AN EASEMENT for SEWER PIPELINES <br /> AND APPURTENANCES in, over and across the following described property in the County of San Bernardino, State <br /> of California: <br /> THAT PORTION OF PARCEL 2 OF PARCEL MAP NO. 10048 IN THE COUNTY <br /> OF SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA, AS SHOWN ON MAP FILED IN BOOK 120, <br /> PAGES 5 TO 7 INCLUSIVE OF PARCEL MAPS, RECORDS OF SAID COUNTY, <br /> DESCRIBED AS SHOWN ON THE ATTACHED "EXHIBIT A" . <br /> • <br /> The above described easement is for the construction, installation, maintenance, replacement and removal of <br /> a sanitary sewer system, and for ingress and egress in connection with the exercise of any of the foregoing <br /> rights, said easement to continue in full force and 'effect so long as said sewer system is operated and main- <br /> tained upon the above described property. <br /> Grantor shall not increase or decrease, or permit to be increased or decreased, the now existing ground <br /> elevations of said easement without prior written consent of the Grantee. <br /> ROLLING RIDGE ESTATES PARTNERS, a California <br /> Limited Partnership, by BRAMALEA LIMITED, <br /> an Ontario, Canada Corporation, <br /> DATED:. Noyembi i ..a.._19.Q . I <br /> .... n.ez- ...garir,xter ... <br /> STATE OF.CALIFORNIA COUNTYOF...... - ... BY: ,m11111/.iP <br /> BY..... .; <br /> I .. 41-AAA"ttil--- <br /> t STATE OF CALIFORNIA (ss. 1ublic in and for sair. <br /> d Caunty ICOUNTY OF Orange I <br /> On November 13, 1990 before me,the undersigned,a Notary Public in and for <br /> , said State,personally appeared Bruce J. Varker -and <br /> a = P. M. Vaught <br /> m personally known to me(or proved to me on the basis <br /> oa <br /> 1 y o of satisfactory evidence)to be the persons who executed the,within instrument eAuth0rized Signing Icer J. <br /> Co„ Xf$�'sYdl€�t and Authored Slgniniir.on behalf of . <br /> CL Bramalea Ltd. <br /> c 0 the corporation therein named,and acknowledged to me that said - o; '-' <br /> o 0. '. OFFICIAL SEAL <br /> corporation executed the within instrument pursuant to its by- <br /> E laws or a resolution of its board of directors,said corporation being 4� ... DEE WALLIN d or printed <br /> E- '�, --r, ^ ,NOTARY PUBLIC-CALIFORNIA <br /> o` known to me to be one of the partners of * t , PRINCIPAL OFFICE IN bounty and State <br /> i E Rolling Ridge Estate Partners .'�.1.4;,-,,....A'-�',%r•` ORANGE COUNTY <br /> I the partnership that executed the within instrument, and ack- <br /> nowledged <br /> �ii .Y�: My Commission Exp.Apr. 19, 1992 <br /> a nowledged to me that such corporation executed the same as <br /> such partner and that such partnership executed the same. <br /> D WITNESS my ha/n��'Qj���d_officiaal,se�al. ///�D, ”"' ................. ." . . <br /> Signature tiSJr�l- t�L/C2 ` _ (This area for official notarial seal) <br />