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Recording Requested By <br />And When Recorded Return to: <br />CITY CLERK <br />CITY OF CHINO HILLS <br />14000 City Center Drive <br />Chino Hills, CA 91709 <br />tto, 3196 <br />Electronically Recorded in Official R c ids, County of San Bernardino <br />BOB DUTTON <br />ASSESSOR -RECORDER -CLERK <br />490 First American Title -Corona <br />1 <br />1111111111111IIIMI'° <br />6/1012015 <br />04:24 PM <br />FV <br />Titles: 1 Pages: 48 <br />Fees <br />Taxes <br />Other <br />PAJO <br />EXEMPT FROM RECORDER'S FEES <br />Pursuant to Government Code § 6103 <br />AGREEMENT <br />BY AND AMONG <br />THE CITY OF CHINO HILLS AND <br />STANDARD PACIFIC CORP. <br />REGARDING <br />PARKS AND RECREATION <br />FACILITIES FEES. <br />AND QUIMBY FEES <br />THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE RECORDED WITHIN TEN DAYS <br />OF EXECUTION BY ALL PARTIES HERETO <br />Page 1 of 22 <br />.00 <br />. 00 <br />. 00 <br />.00 <br />