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SHEET/ OF 3 SHEETS <br />TRACT N0. 12348 <br />IN THE UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY OF SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />BEING A SUBDIVISION OF A PORTION OF LOT 37 OF PLAT OF THE RANCHO <br />SANTA ANA DEL CHINO, RECORDED IN BOOK 7, PAGE 4 OF MAPS, RECORDS <br />OF SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />OWNER'S CERTIFICATE <br />We hereby certify we are all and the only parties having any record title <br />interest in the land subdivided as shown on the annexed map and we consent <br />to the preparation and recordation of this final map We hereby irrevo- <br />cably offer to dedicate to the County of San Bernardino, the public in <br />general and to any of the several public utility companies which are <br />authorized to serve in said subdivision an easement for public roads, <br />County highways and public utility purposes in, under, over, through and <br />across Peyton Drive, Beverly Glen Road and Green Tree Court, as shown on <br />the annexed map. The expressed rights to the public in general and to <br />the several utility companies shall be and remain inferior to the superior <br />rights of the County of San Bernardino. We also irrevocably offer to <br />dedicate to the Countv of San Bernardino: <br />Open space easements in perpetuity a5 covenants running with the land over Lots W, <br />XIV and Z, belnq the common areas <br />reServin to the Grantor 5 if 15 <br />successors and assigns, the to use the underlying land f�r recreation <br />purposes and vehicular access, provided, however, that said use shall not <br />interfere with the open -space easement herein granted; and provided that <br />no improvements other than landscaping or recreational facilities shall be <br />placed upon said land without the approval of the Grantee; and provided <br />further that the approval of the Grantee of any improvement shall not <br />constitute an abandonment of the open -space easement, and the privilege <br />and rinht to extend and maintain drainage structures, 1-1/2 to 1 excavation <br />slopes, 1-1/2 to 1 embankment slopes upon all of those certain lot areas <br />where said slopes or embankments or drainage structures extend beyond the <br />limits of the dedicated rights of way included within Tract No. 12348 <br />wherever required for the construction and maintenance of road beds occupy- <br />ing the full width of said portions, also the privilege and right to plant <br />and maintain grass, plants,and/or trees on said slopes for soil erosion <br />protection of same. Said privilege and right shall be superior to the <br />right of the grantors and their heirs and assigns to lateral support. <br />WE ALM IWREVDEA13LY OFFER TO DEDICATE TO THE COUNTY DF hAN BERNAVVINO. <br />All r19hts of vehicular in rens to or egress frorn Peyton Drive over and across <br />the Southwesterly line sold Peyton Drive lying adjacent to said Lot "W". <br />ROLLING RIDGE ESTATES PARTNERS, a California Limited Partnership <br />(formerly Rolling Ridge Estates Partners, a California General <br />Partnership). <br />BY: BRAMALEA LIMITED, an Ontario Corporation, general partner <br />BY: BY: <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA)SS <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) <br />On this 10'"day of>reSRvARy ,1984, before mei the undersigned, <br />a Notary Public in and for said CountyY and State rrsonal(y appeared <br />Pe -re (Z B. PeKRlto and P M.VAVCN-F ,known to me t*o be the <br />VICE P U-Stpr=NT and Amtitim?St6rNtNV OFFICBK , respectively, of <br />BMIALEA LIMITED, an Ontario .Corporation, the corporation that ex- <br />ecuted the within instrument on behalf of said corporation, said <br />corporation being known to me io rye the general' partner of ROLLING <br />RIDGE ESTATES PARTNERS, the limited partnership that executed the <br />within instrument and acknowledged to me that such corporation ex- <br />ecuted the same as such partner and that such limited partnership <br />executed the same. <br />i A, <br />Witness my hand and official seal. eavei;� <br />Notary Public in and for said <br />State <br />My commission expires L—Z-2"'8% <br />OFFICIAL CIF`A t <br />D'ANNQ MARIE ROSS <br />FZ-A NOTANY OUQt IC - CAU'O,dNIA <br />-� ..s,, ate•:_ . � :.. r.vs�, Isas <br />CAG/FO.e/V/A -,g1V,10/AN BAN1l, A CAG/FO.PN/.9 CHA.PTE"O B it/�, <br />,gEit/FF/C/APPY UNOE.P OEE'O DF T,PUST .PE'GO.POEO �/ULS, /�7�J <br />/.V BODf,' � �2/ PAC, E" /44/ DF OFF/C/AG �ECD�POS <br />w <br />3 pA V1tL •�'�ES/�EivT v�c� PRe+�ro tit 1" <br />677;9TE <br />I <br />CDUi(/TY OF OlrAlf tSt <br />D <br />FAS/'ST,9OF S.4,T'/ �SO�tA/ACLTDG .Y <br />DTPY P/BL/C /i/ A.d <br />ti ESZPMYf11/'P5'G�GEYA.,CE,VO <br />WIV <br />144 <br />7%7 1WF D.PEW5 O•/ <br />BE THE '• �II�I�PE 5'/OE.�/T AA1,, '�• "r' -' PE Sl�ECTi'YE L Y , OF <br />GOP,�D,P/a T/O�t/ TH.9T E i'ECU TEO THE !'Y/Tf//N //VSTPI//Y!E/I/T ANl .Yit/OGY/V TD <br />/IiiE �D.P P,PO.�EO TO : f4E e21V Tf/E BAS/S a,- TD BE <br />GD.P�D.PAT/Oi(/ /h O 4C.�iVDli!/L TD /YJE T//AT 5'UG.y CD.Pf�D.P4T/Dit/ <br />EXECUTED Tf-/E SA�YIE� AS <br />[BE�t/EF/C/fLPY <br />iYll/ GD�t�IiYJ/5'S/Di(/ E"XP/.PES Febrittry Q. 193T w/Tit/E 5'S' 114Y//,41VI9 <br />Of'F/C/AL SE"AG : <br />JAYNE AMF'9 OMV <br />q_C111111111111111111don <br />NOTARY PUBM.- „AUFORNI, <br />PRINCIPAL OFFICE IN <br />ORANGE COUNTY Eaptrea Fa& 3% INS <br />/VOT,4.PY UBG /C /it/ A FD.P SA /,'2 677;4TE <br />SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />I, RICHARD L. BEIGLE, hereby state that I am a Licensed Land <br />Surve yor of the State of California and that this map, consist- <br />ing of 3 sheets, is a true and complete representation of a sur- <br />vey made under my direction in August, 1983 and that all the <br />monuments shown hereon are of the character and occupy the posi- <br />tions indicated, or will be set in such positions on or before <br />4- 27 ,198 �, , in compliance with Sections 66495 and 66496 of <br />t e Subdivision Map Act and are or will be sufficient to enable <br />the survey to be retraced. L <br />Dated:_...- 4�2,_,Z <br />COUNTY SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />RICHARD L. BEIGLE, L.S. 3453 <br />I hereby certify that I have examined the ;annexed map, and that <br />the subdivision shown thereon is substantially the same as it <br />appeared on the tentative map and any approved alterations there- <br />to and that all the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and <br />Division 8 'San Bernardino County Code have been complied <br />with and I am satisfied that this map is technically correct. <br />Dated: ,4/- <br />ACCEPTANCE CERTIFICATE <br />C ,AUY1(', V. -�OMXAtAOON, CIOU "'I C2U?VL_'g06 <br />COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />By <br />L <br />Deputy <br />I hereby certify that the Board of Supervisors of the County of <br />San Bernardino duly approved the annexed map of Tract No. IT348 and ac- <br />cepted, subject to their improvement in accordance with County <br />Standards Peyton Drive, Beverly Glen Road and Green Tree Court, <br />the access and slope rights and open space easements over Lots W, X, y and Z <br />all as shown on said rnap. <br />MARTHA M SEKERAK <br />CLERK OF THE BOARD OF <br />SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY <br />OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />AUDITOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />I hereby certify that according to the records of this office <br />as of this date, there are no liens against the real property <br />shown upon the annexed map for unpaid State, County, <br />Municipal, or local taxes or special assessments collected <br />as taxes, Except taxes or specletL assessments coLLected as taxes <br />riot Yet pa -gable est�rr�a:.te6 to be ,,.s'ae oe <br />Dated: <br />ERXOL J. AfAIKZ11W, COUNTY AUDITOR <br />COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />By: iiDeputy. <br />BOARD of SUPERVISORS GERTI FI GATE <br />I here by certtl±y that eL bond In the sum p� 5'5ao�� hzL <br />been cxecu-ted and-FLue-d W: -Eh the boo -rd, of suPervtsors o+-Lhe <br />counttj of Svn Bern rdtrlo Statte ofCaLifornitr_ , cond►Lloned <br />u.Pon -the- acdment o� at.LL t�.xes, SLute CoarctLt, N1unICIPa�.L or LocztL, <br />V,►nd a.LL �pecImL at,ssessrrtents coLLActed us taxes , t_Ih+ch att <br />the time Of iLin4 0p the MnYlexe4 mZtP wtbh the count recordere� <br />titre a Lien ti, eu 6i st Prq Pert t But not �j et pu.t j2tb� <br />khat the sing,8Ivlder rus �tled with me Zt. cert-�Icate b tine <br />Proper �oUic,er IVInyy h►s es�Ima-fe o� Lhe u.vnounf, of �.td <br />tmxes <br />yed�n byas�ed ourdsoLind so:i,visors.hrs been dvLy <br />f s per <br />MA <br />DATED % <br />0�0 /9 L fZr.RI<aFTNEEBOARD OF --UPERVIS0RS <br />OF THE COUN'rY OF SAN Z RNARDtNO <br />BY <br />DEPUTY <br />