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L <br /> • <br /> FOR CONDOMINIUM PURPOSES AMENDING SAP Q. <br /> SHEET 1 ' OF 4 SHEETS Q` <br /> a ` <br /> • TRACT N -912138 . . ,,. <br /> ~o <br /> CC z <br /> LU zN <br /> IN UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY OF SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, <br /> m <br /> o w STATE OF CALIFORNIA. <br /> I m <br /> 2 2 <br /> BEING A SUBDIVISION OF A PORTION OF LOT 37 OF PLAT OF <br /> V' a THE RANCHO SANTA ANA DELE <br /> CHINO, RECORDED IN CXDK 7, <br /> 2 m + PAGE 4 OF MAPS, RECORDS OF SAN BERNAROINO COUNTY, <br /> o w <br /> CALIFORNIA. . <br /> CC <br /> 0 Q o1.11 SEPTEMBER 2 <br /> a I�JB GERALD F OLDENBURG L�. 324Co <br /> U- <br /> ci <br /> WILLIAMSON AND SCHMID, CIVIL ENGINEERS • <br /> 2 LOTS AND LOT Z ca.•G,G 2 ACRES • <br /> • <br /> OWNER 'S CERTIFICATE . SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br /> We hereby certify we are all and the only parties having any record title interest in the I , GERALD F. OLDENBURG , hereby state that I am a Licensed Land Surveyor of the <br /> land subdivided as shown on the annexed map and we consent to the preparation and State of California and that this map, consisting of 4 sheets, is a true and complete - <br /> recordation of this final map. We also irrevocably offer to dedicate to the County of ' representation of a survey made under my direction in July, 1982 and that all the <br /> San Bernardino: The open-space easements in perpetuity as a covenant running with the monuments shown hereon are of the character and occupy the positions indicated, or will <br /> land over Lots 1 , 2 , and Lot Z , being the common areas, except for areas required for be set in such positions ori or before MARCH 2/31985 in compliance with <br /> those condominium buildings shown on plans recorded pursuant to Section 1351 of the Sections 66495 and 66496 of the Subdivisioni Map Act and are or will be sufficient <br /> C i";I Code, reserving to the Grantor, its successors anid assigns the right to use the to enable the survey to be retraced. <br /> underlying land for recreation purposes and vehicular access, provided, however, that <br /> said use shall not interfere with the open-space easement herein granted; and provided Dated: f i 2/ /502 <br /> that no improvements other than landscaping or recreational facilities shall be placed 5� <br /> upon said land without the approval of the Grantee; and provided further that the approval 44.,/.0. 4,4,4 <br /> D F . OLDENBURG, LS 3 46 <br /> of the Grantee of any improvement shall riot constitute an abandonment of the open-space <br /> easement, and the privilege and right to extend and maintain drainage structures, 1 112 COUNTY SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br /> to 1 excavation slopes, 1 1/2 to 1 embankment slopes upon all of those certain lot areas <br /> where said slopes or embankments or drainage structures extend beyond the limits of the I hereby certify that I have examined the annexed map, and that the subdivision shown <br /> odedicated rights of way included within Tract No. 12138 wherever required for the corp- thereon is s�rbstanti,lly the same as it appeared on the tentative map and any approved <br /> W z strtrction and maintenance of road beds occupying the full width of said portions, also the alterations thereto and that all the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and Division <br /> cu <br /> Ca 2privilege and right to plant and maintain grass, plants, and/or trees on said slopes for 8 . San Bernardino County Code have been complied with and I am satisfied that <br /> .w soil erosion protection of same. Said privilege and right shall be superior to the right of this neap is technically correct. <br /> M o 2 the grantors and their heirs and assigns to lateral support. <br /> 2 <br /> z <br /> CO . a • <br /> ROLLING RIDGE ESTATES PARTNERS , a California Limited Partnersh ip (formerly Dated: S- 2t - �3 EUGENE P. EHE, COUNTY SURVEYOR <br /> z Rolling Ridge Estates Partners, a California General Partnership) . ` COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br /> � 03 <br /> o ; <br /> Q o o BY: BRAMALEA LIMITED, an Ontario Corporation, general partner By, i 2--75:2...-t— <br /> CC <br /> o � 7 Deputy <br /> 0 BY: /fe4z_ee1_,A4 .: BY: n •L ,CO <br /> aPETER B. PRRI JA JAY KRUtER <br /> ' VICE PRESIDENT AUTHORI7 CD SIGNING OFFICER ACCEPTANCE CERTIFICATE <br /> NOTARY AcKNOvLEDGE MEN 7' <br /> S TATE OF CALIFORNIA ) SS11rereby certify that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sale Bernardino duly . <br /> COUNTY OF ORANGE ) approved this 'nap of Tract No. 12138 and accepted the slope rights and the open space <br /> On this It'll 11* day of ;SPNUAg.)/ , 1983 , before me, the and^rsigned , a Notary easement over Lots 1 and 2 and Lot Z . <br /> Public in aid fur said State, personally appeared ` 'c ¶e 4 P. PEC CI N and <br /> -rANAy leap Cif 112. , personally known to me, or proved to me oil the basis <br /> of satisfactory evidence , to be the ',,'(V- E fzeSI PFk. T andAO jGRI2o" D SiGNIuG <br /> OFFi,LE R <br /> resucctive ly, of BRAMALEA LIMITED, ani Ontario Corporation, the <br /> corporation that executed the within instrument and.known to nye to be the prrsons who Dated: _ya.„5-72"3 ANDREE DISHAROON <br /> executed til` vvii:,ic1 instrument on behalf of said corporation, said corpor,at17'i being known / CLERK OF THE BOARD OF <br /> • <br /> • <br /> to me to be the General Partn•:r of ROLLING RIDGE ERTATLc PARTNERS, the Limited SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY <br /> Partnership t;,at executed the within instrupv-nt, and acknowledged to me that such cor- OF SAN BERNARDINO <br /> poration executed the same as such partner and that such partnership executed the same. <br /> I <br /> `� 3� By: �� ,Deputy <br /> Witness my hand and official seal . <br /> �`. rl.� \�- , <br /> Notary Public in and for said State 7 <br /> D'ANNA MARIE ROSS AUDITOR'S CERTIFICATE <br /> I. / <br /> OFFiCIAL r:'`i My commission expires - <br /> Fs� <br /> -, n n,NNA k'ARIE DOSS I hereby certify that according to the records of this office as of this date, there arena <br /> ,.� -. NoTAC1Y )I18'.u- '',a. -.IONIA <br /> CiO o 1 '..1• ; ;1 ortAti�, C,,;,Nr, liens against the real property shown upon the annexed map for unpaid State, County, <br /> CC ( '•-%S' MY ,onim ei es API ?2 1985 Municipal, or local taxes or special assessments collected as taxes, except taxes or <br /> w p.: <br /> z <br /> m special assessments not yet payable, estimated to be $ /3 QOo, Ov . <br /> w CALIFORNIA CANADIAN BA K, a California Chartered Bank <br /> as <br /> o w / + ' <br /> _ ` / Dated: i,7, as /qd3 ERROL J. MACKZUM , COUNTY <br /> 2 2 BY: Z •L'�4 /• '� A-- �- _ AUDITOR, COUNTY OF <br /> ❑ zcc <br /> BY: n <br /> ' a JONAS T. GISLASON M. R .+AKERSsZ=� SAN BERNARDINO <br /> INI 411 CD CI' VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT <br /> U <br /> Q o W By: ,Deputy <br /> 'S I cc <br /> C3St 0 <br /> .L NOTARY ACKNOWLEC6EMEA11 BOARD OF SUPERVISOR'S CERTIFICATE <br /> STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) SS I hereby certify that a bond in the sum of $ 13,Qplp°° has been executed and filed <br /> • <br /> COUNTY OF ORANGE ) with the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sani Bernardino, State of California, • <br /> conditioned upon the payment oN all taxes, State, County, Municipal, or local , and all <br /> On this a/ or day of,7fe ,_ , 19 .e. , before me, the undersigned, a Notary special assessments, collected as taxes, which at the time of the filing of the annexed <br /> Public in and said State, personally appeared. , ,, ./EatrLA.6e4 and map with the County Recorder are a lien against said property, but not yet payable and <br /> A,if r , known to me to be the r1 ;� Atm_54,607 and 1 that the slrhdiu;''er has filed with me a certificate by the proper officer giving his estimate <br /> t5/,De y ., , respectively, CALIFORNIACACaliforniaIof CALIFORN CANADIAN BANK, a Cali of the amount of said taxes and assessments, and said bond has been duly approved by • <br /> N <br /> C iartered Bank, the corporation that executed the within instrument, and known to me to said Board of Supervisors. <br /> be ti-re persons who executed the within instrument on behalf of said corporation, and <br /> acknowledged to me that such corporation executed the same as beneficiary. <br /> a, <br /> Dated: / y / j ANDRE►- DISHAROON <br /> Witness m}r hand and official seal. / <br /> CLERK OF THE BOARD OF <br /> Notary1c 4gsfici <br /> Tor state SUNLI:VISORS OF THE COUNTY <br /> OF SAN BERNARDINO <br /> 0I-FICIAL • KAY BREELING <br /> •M'":\ KAY BREELING • / <br /> My commission expires ♦9.�! ��� <br /> "•''' N3'ARY PUBLIC CALIFORNIA• , <br /> `® '`J_'' PRINCIPAL OFFICt IN f <br /> ' ' ' <br /> it"', ORANGECO'JN By: �, l/ iLi_� ,Deputy <br /> • Titrt My Commission Exp Jan 4. 1985 <br /> SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br /> a- <br /> 0 I hereb cer,L,i �haf I am a Licensed Lar1d Sum-veyor o� -rhe s-o7Ze <br /> CD NOV 121990 <br /> EN) <br /> 4%lu- <br /> N Di. C'/i o,-n, ' Dna' The orj/y Correc7'ior s .show/7 or7 -phis omer7d/r7moo, • <br /> COE ore 71-hose ,pro vide d dor ir, Sec M,n 66469 of 71he Sobd,'visio r7 A-1 p Ac7t <br /> Eft) ccand Me n orrles o� ,she Present >`ee c wc7ers ol 71he �roperlLy o�>`ec>`e.� <br /> _ ` _ are Qs 7e0//0w5 : a_i <br /> certif83 <br /> z z EPAC DElELQ/'MENT. ��� 473 <br /> C� , a FILED REQUESTOF �, FEST OF <br /> z ♦ Ea <br /> / E1P 7..A�1E c c N.T.,fT..- . ?. .. . .c,-. �+ .�' <br /> o 0 Dafe ib. Z ?B¢- __Z(..,. 0 . <br /> IQ o • �iERALO F OLDENBURG, L.S. 240 / PeC i5; /9 3 <br /> oc 0 Ck ..ErZIWAY..3. ..1•7 Y ON <br /> �OK o COUNTY SURVEYORS CER T/F/CA TE r4mend/i7g Map) , T I ,14/ <br /> I hereby cer7`�'7y fhof I hove exorrlir7ed -/he arriendrner7fs mode or-1-1he o.7r2exec� ••••l •� •�}"m•••t •`' AT IN <br /> Qmel)din9 rnwP, oad /he or>/y chor2ges (hereon irorr7 Me or.9i.7a/ mop ore Mose _ _ Q q 35/3•6 <br /> Provided for .i7 S'ec7zia"7 66 69 c 7ihe S,bdvisior> Map Ac7z, and I am sa s71,'ed r.�:,:;' ..�.�Q.... i•• �;_� :. ./1 0.2. BOOK��� PAGE... .. Y.. • <br /> 0 ri: ..1.',111-11$ 0 P /4415 . <br /> — hof his rnoo is �echr�icv//y correct / s <br /> ,r; _ ='`'bk Do Se G-2"e9� - EUGENE P. EHE, COUNTY SURVEYOR ` <br /> r : ?AAF C'ovivey of SAN BEA'NA�PO,,v 7 +;;, ;� ;;;fir,; D1;. j CG'S,. + .,.:: SAN 9ER ADINO COUNTY RECCR R f <br /> By 41Z-09-1-- EEE.g..L.&:.G'.r) FEE iiff-- <br /> Depu�y • <br /> t <br />