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TRACE ND�G MAP79-I <br />BEING A SUBDIVISION OF A PORTION OF SECTION 30 AND A PORTION OF SECTION 31, <br />BOTH IN T.2 S., R.8 W., S.B.M. ACCORDING TO THE U•S. GOVERNMENT SURVEY ALL WITHIN <br />THE, COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO, STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />AUGUST, 1981 <br />ENGINEER: Mc CUTCHAN ID ASSOCIATES, INC. <br />014NER'S CERTIFICATE: <br />We hereby certify we are all and the only parties having any record title <br />interest in the land subdivided as shown on the annexed map, and we consent <br />to the preparation and recordation of this final map. We hereby irrevocably <br />offer to dedicate to the County of San Bernardino, the Public in General <br />and to any of the several Public Utility Companies which are authorized to <br />serve in said subdivision an easement for Public Roads, County Highways and <br />Public Utility purposes in, under, over, through and across Carbon Canyon <br />Road Extension, Fetlock Lane, Honey Bee Lane, Starfall Lane, Ranch House <br />Road, Oak Canyon Lane, Promontory Road, Pinnacle Road, and High Vista Lane <br />as shown on the annexed map. The expressed rights of the Public in General <br />and to the several Utility Companies shall be and remain inferior to the <br />superior rights of the County of San Bernardino. <br />We also irrevocably offer to dedicate to the County of San <br />Bernardino: <br />The San Bernardino County Drainage Easements as shown on <br />the annexed map. <br />All rights of vehicular ingress to or egress from Lots 60-64; <br />65-69; 83; 84-93; 69-70; 72-83; 93-98; 100 and Lot A over <br />and across the northerly, southerly, westerly and easterly <br />lines of said lots abutting Carbon Canyon Road Extension <br />and Old Carbon Canyon Road, respectively, as labeled on the <br />annexed map. <br />All rights of vehicular ingress to or egress from Lots 16 <br />and 17 over and across the northwesterly lines of said lots <br />abutting Promontory Road. <br />The privilege and right to extend and maintain drainage <br />structures, 1 1/2 to 1 excavation slopes, 1 1/2 to 1 embank- <br />ment slopes upon all of those certain lot areas where said <br />slopes or embankments or drainage structures extend beyond <br />the limits of the dedicated rights-of-way included within <br />Tract No. 10379-1 wherever required for the construction and <br />maintenance of road beds occupying the full width of said <br />portions, also the privilege and right to plant and maintain <br />grass, plants, and/or trees on said slopes for soil erosion <br />protection of same. Said privilege and right shall be super- <br />ior to the right of the grantors and their heirs and assigns <br />to lateral support. <br />An open space easement over Lots A, B, C, 1), E, F, G, and H, <br />being the common area, reservinS to the Grantor, its successors <br />and assigns, the right to use the underlying land for recrea- <br />tion purposes and vehicular access, provided, however, that <br />said use shall not interfere with the open space easement herein <br />granted; and provided that no improvements other than land- <br />scaping or recreation facilities shall be placed upon said <br />land the approval of the Grantee; and provided further that <br />the approval of the Grantee of any improvement shall not con- <br />stitute an abandonment of the open space easement. <br />Ralph P. Sikkema and Ma rgitta R. Sikkema <br />husband & wife as community property <br />NOTARY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: <br />State of California ) S.S. <br />County of FA'f�3AIo ) <br />On this -11+4-k day of ri)Ct. - , 1982, before me mq,rlehe. L. <br />T hr -a,3 he ra Notary ublic in and for said County and State, <br />personally appeared RALPH P.Sikkfrnei, and rA4.Va��4a, le.Siklceww, <br />known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the within <br />instrument, and acknowledged to me that they executed the same. <br />Witness my hand and official seal X - <br />Notary Public in and for said <br />County and State <br />OFFICIAL SEAL <br />/-/ t '►� MARLENE L NRASHER <br />NO, ARY FUSLIC - CALIPORNIP <br />a, PRINCIPAL OFFICE IN <br />{ I RESNO COUNTY <br />` <br />fly Gnmmis�40,l E.P. Dec. 1, 1965 <br />AMENDING MAP CERTIFICATES <br />COUNTY SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />Yh AaL.tye L. `TT(n rasher <br />Name (Printed) <br />MY COMMISSION EXPIRES �C,. oQ7 I ('tIaS <br />I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE EXAMINED-. THE AMENDMENTS MADE ON THE ANNEXED MAP, AND THE <br />ONLY CHANGES THEREON FROM THE ORIGINAL MAP ARE THOSE PROVIDED FOR IN SECTION 66469 OF <br />THE SUBDIVISION MAP ACT, AND (AM SATISFIED THAT THIS MAP IS TECHNICALLY CORRECT. <br />P p0 F( <br />DATE�8,�'��,4,QY 8i 1990 LARRY E. COTTON, ACTING COUNTY SURVEYOR <br />COUNTY AN BERNARDIN �` ES 44$0 <br />3 IRAT D P D. <br />c i <br />DEPUTY <br />ENGINEER'S STATEMENT <br />ENGINEER'S CERTIFICATE: <br />SHEET I OF IE SHEETS <br />I, Thomas O. McCutchan, hereby certify that I am a Registered Civil Engineer <br />of the State of California and that this map consisting of ll sheets is a true <br />and complete representation of a survey made under my direction in February, <br />1981, and that all the monuments shown hereon are of the character and occupy <br />the positions indicated or will be set in such positions on or before <br />TceN� /8 , 1984 in compliance with Sections 66495 and 66496 of <br />the Subdivision Map Act and are or will be sufficient to enable the survey <br />to be retracted., <br />Dated /j/l�.y 7, / l8 Z <br />` Re istered Civil Engineer No. 9890 <br />Thomas 0. McCutchan <br />AUDITOR'S CERTIFICATE: <br />I hereby certify that according to the records of this office, as of this date, <br />there are no liens against the real property shown upon the annexed map for <br />unpaid State, County, Municipal, or local taxes or special assessments collected <br />as taxes, except taxes or special assessments not yet payable, estimated to be <br />$ a., 6!L12, 00 <br />Dated /r e?4r;L <br />COUNTY SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE: <br />ERROL J. MACKZUM, COUNTY AUDITOR <br />COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />By Deputy <br />I hereby certify that I have examined the annexed map, and that the subdivision <br />shown thereon is substantially the same as it appeared on the tentative map <br />and any approved alterations thereto and that all the provisions of the <br />Subdivision Map Act and Chapter 3, Title 6, San Bernardino County Code have <br />been complied with and I am satisfied that this map is technically correct. <br />Dated /j _1F1 - 82 EUGENE P. EHE, COUNTY SURVEYOR <br />COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />ByA✓t--` Deputy <br />ACCEPTANCE CERTIFICATE: <br />I hereby certify that the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Bernar- <br />dino duly approved the annexed map of Tract 10379-1 and accepted, subject <br />to their improvement in accordance with County Standards, Carbon Canyon <br />Road Extension, Fetlock Lane, Honey Bee Lane, Starfali Lane, Ranch House <br />Road, Oak Canyon Lane, Promontory Road, Pinnacle Road, High Vista Lane acid <br />accepted all rights of vehicular ingress and egress as offered in the <br />Own e r ' s Ce rt i f i c a t e , AND ACCEPTS THE SLdPe RIGHTS ANo OPEN SoACE E45fM6NTS , BUT Rf - <br />JEC75 rf/f SAAI /5eft.4Aolwo COUNTY 029/hwge 84Eem lr5. <br />Dated �Oi,,ee . <br />BOARD OF SUPERVISORS CERTIFICATE: <br />ANDREE DISHAROON <br />CLERK OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br />OF THE COUNTY OF 'AN BERNARDINO <br />By <br />I hereby certify that a bond in the sum of $ /2,442 =' has <br />been executed and filed with the Board of Supervisors of the County of <br />San Bernardino, State of California, conditioned upon the payment of all taxes, <br />State, County, Municipal, or local, and all special assessments, collected as <br />taxes, which at the time of the filing of the annexed map with the County <br />Recorder are a lien against said property, but not yet payable and that the <br />subdivider has filed with me a certificate by the proper officer giving his <br />estimate of the amount of said taxes and assessments, and said bond has been <br />duly approved by said Board of Supervisors. <br />Dated 9 F - <br />I HEREBY STATE THAT I AM A REGISTERED CIVIL ENGINEER OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, AND THE ONLY <br />CORRECTIONS SHOWN ON THIS AMENDING MAP ARE THOSE PROVIDED FOR IN SECTION 66469 OF THE <br />SUBDIVISION MAP ACT, AND THE NAMES OF THE PRESENT FEE OWNERS OF THE PROPERTY AFECTED <br />ARE AS FOLLOWS: PACIFIC HOME CANYON, A CALIFOPNIA GENERAL PARTNERSHIP. <br />`cQ�ORSS1 <br />7 / <br />727 j�F r ,z lF ys�F� <br />DATE IIIK/IOL I�; .�' <br />or 01 BRAIN L. JENSEN R.C.E. NUMBER 30534 vtl. �'3f534 . <br />Exp 3-31 92 <br />ANDREE DISHAROON <br />CLERK OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF <br />THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />By C}� <br />a <br />All <br />