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PROOF OF PUBLICATION PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE inty Clerk's Filing Stamp <br /> SPECIAL MAINTENANCE AREAS <br /> 1 AND 2 <br /> RESOLUTION NO.2018R-023 <br /> STATE OF CALIFORNIA A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY <br /> COUNCIL OF THE CITYOF CHINO <br /> Countyof San Bernardino HILLS, ACTING IN ITS CAPACITY <br /> AS THE GOVERNING BODY OF <br /> SPECIAL MAINTENANCE AREAS 1 <br /> I am a citizen of the United States and a resident of the AND 2, SETTING THE DATE, TIME <br /> AND PLACE FOR CONFIRMATION <br /> County aforesaid; I am over the age of eighteen years, and OF ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS FOR <br /> SPECIAL MAINTENANCE AREAS 1 SECTION 3. That the proceedings <br /> not a party to or interested in the above entitled matter. I AND 2. forthe confirmation of the aforesaid <br /> WHEREAS, Chino Hills Special charges contained in the Annual <br /> am the principal clerk of the publisher of the CHINO Maintenance Area 1, previously Report for the maintenance areas shall <br /> formed by the Board of Supervisors be taken under and in accordance with <br /> CHAMPION, a newspaper of general circulation, printed and of the County of San Bernardino as the State of California Government <br /> County Service Area 70-CH, provides— Code Section 25214.1 and the County <br /> published weekly in the City of Chino, County of San street sweeping services throughout of San Bernardino Ordinance No. SD <br /> Chino Hills;and 91-11 incorporated by reference into <br /> Bernardino, and which newspaper has been adjudged a WHEREAS, Chino Hills Special the Chino Hills Municipal Code. <br /> Maintenance Area 2, previously SECTION 4. That on June 12, <br /> newspaper of general circulation by the Superior Court of the formed by the Board of Supervisors 2018, at 7:00 p.m., the City Council <br /> of the County of San Bernardino as will hold a public hearing in the Council <br /> County of San Bernardino,State of California, under the date County Service Area 48-A, provides Chambers of City Hall located at 14000 <br /> road maintenance services in the City Center Drive, Chino Hills,to give <br /> of August 5, 1952, Case Number 73453; that the notice, of Sleepy Hollow area of Chino Hills;and all interested persons an opportunity <br /> WHEREAS,on February 13,2018, to hear and be heard on the proposed <br /> which the annexed is a printed copy (set in type not smaller the City Council of the City of Chino assessments to be levied on Special <br /> Hills adopted Resolution No. 2018R- Maintenance Areas 1 and 2 for fiscal <br /> than nonpareil), has been published in each regular and 006 ordering an Engineer's Report year 2018/19, as contained in the <br /> for annual assessments for Special Engineer's Report on file in the City <br /> entire issue of said newspaper and not in any supplement Maintenance Areas 1 and 2;and Clerk's Office. <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council has SECTION 5. That on June 12, <br /> thereof on the following dates, to-wit: been informed that the Engineer's 2018, 7:00 p.m., the City Council will <br /> Report described in said Resolution confirm the proposed assessments <br /> setting forth the proposed annual to be levied on Special Maintenance <br /> May 26, all in the year 2018 assessments for fiscal year 2018/19 is Areas 1 and 2 for fiscal year 2018/19, <br /> June 2, all in the year 2018 on file with the City Clerk;and as contained in the Engineer's Report <br /> WHEREAS,the City Council does set on file in the City Clerk's Office. The <br /> June 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council shall consider all oral <br /> Council Chambers of City Hall, 14000 statements and written protests made <br /> City Center Drive, Chino Hills, as or filed by any interested person. <br /> I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury that the the day, hour, and fixed place for a SECTION 6. The City Clerk is <br /> Public Hearing at which time any and hereby directed to give notice pursuant <br /> foregoing is true and correct. all persons having any objections to to Government Code Section 6066,as <br /> the confirmation of the assessments applicable. <br /> nd for fiscal year 2018/19 can appear SECTION 7. The City Clerk <br /> Dated at Chino, California, this 2 day of before the City Council to protest such shall certify as to the adoption of this <br /> confirmation. Resolution. <br /> June 201p NOW THEREFORE, THE CITY PASSED, APPROVED, AND <br /> COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CHINO ADOPTED this 22nd day of May, <br /> ( i <br /> HILLS DOES HEREBY RESOLVE, 2018. <br /> ta, DETERMINE AND ORDER AS DATED: May 23,2018 <br /> l _ � �t,2N , FOLLOWS: S/CHERYCBALZ,CITY CLERK <br /> 1 ' t `5! SECTION 1. That the <br /> PUBLISH: Chino Hills Champion <br /> U <br /> / and convenience require, and it isrthe May 26,2018&June 2,2018 397-18 <br /> intention of the CityCouncil, to levy <br /> (Signature) JUN <br /> f� 2018 and collect within Spcial Maintenanc <br /> 1J'v YY Areas 1 and 2, for the expenses <br /> Suzanne Rojas necessary for the maintenance, <br /> ACC�! p�� w ,Y : t,p /•_• repairs, replacement, utilities, care, <br /> "�J�, N1 b I,`5 .Ptc) _�' supervision, and all other items <br /> necessary for proper maintenance <br /> and operation of the improvements <br /> Chain i to n shall be confirmedona aor special service <br /> of <br /> ^barge upon each lot or parcel of <br /> and lying within the maintenance <br /> areas in proportion to the estimated <br /> benefits received from the existing <br /> maintenance and improvements. <br /> Serving the Chino Valley and Chino Hills SECTION 2. That the Engineer's <br /> Report for the proposed Special <br /> Maintenance Areas 1 and 2 annual <br /> 9th & D Streets • P.O. Box 607 Clerk and submitteds was filed with the nCc l <br /> Clerk and to the City Council <br /> his date. The Engineer's Report may <br /> Chino, California 91708 be referred to for a full and detailed <br /> description of the improvements, <br /> Phone: (909) 628-5501 he boundaries of the assessment <br /> district, and any zones therein and <br /> the proposed assessments upon <br /> assessable lots and parcels of land <br /> Adjudicated August 5, 1952 within the District. <br /> Case No. 73453 <br />