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CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY <br />Community Development Department <br />City of Chino Hills <br />This Certificate issued pursuant to the requirements of Section 110 of the California Building Code certifying that at <br />the time of issuance this structure was in compliance with the various ordinances of the city regulating building <br />construction or use. For the following: <br />Building Address: 13850 City Center Dr. #5005 Permit Number: 2016-32512 <br />Tract: PM 17543 Block: Lot: P 3 Occupancy Group: M <br />Applicable Code at time of <br />Applicable Codes: Construction Design Occupant Load: 132 <br />Project Description: J Crew Mercantile (5500 SF) Type of Construction: V -B <br />Owner: J Crew Mercantile Fire Sprinkler System: yes <br />Owner Address: 13850 City Center Dr. #5005 Sprinkler System Installed: yes <br />Chino Hills CA 91709 Business Type: Retail <br />Building Official Date <br />