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Agency Report of: <br />New Positions A Public Document <br />1. Agency Name (Also include, Division, Department, or Region (if applicable)) <br />City of Chino Hills, City Clerk <br />Agency Contact <br />Cheryl Balz, City Clerk <br />-none Numoer <br />909-364-2624 <br />Small <br />p <br />❑ Amendment <br />Date of Original Filing: January 25, 2017 <br />(month, day, year) <br />2. New Position Information <br />Position Title/Classification Assigned Category OR Disclosure Requirement Assuming/Start Date <br />and Job Summary (Optional) <br />+1 <br />3. Verification <br />i have read and understand FPPC Regulations 18700.3 and 18734. 1 have verified that the disclosure assignment(s) set forth above, is <br />in accordance with its provisions. <br />Cheryl Balz City Clerk January 25, 2017 <br />Si re Name Title (month, day, year) <br />Comment: (Use this space or an attachment for any additional information.) <br />See attached City Council Report from the City Council Meeting of January 24, 2017 <br />FPPC Form 804 (2/16) <br />FPPC Toll -Free Helpline: 866/ASK-FPPC (866/275-3772) <br />