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Recording Requested by And <br />When Recorded, Mail To: <br />CITY CLERK <br />CITY OF CHINO HILLS <br />14000 City Center Drive <br />Chino Hills, CA 91709 <br />Exempt Recording Per <br />Government Code Section 6103 <br />Electronically Recorded in Official Records, County of San Bernardino <br />BOB DUTTON <br />C <br />ASSESSOR - RECORDER - CLERK <br />`° 369 City of Chino Hills <br />Doc# 2018-0010125 Titles 1 <br />Fees <br />NOTICE OF COMPLETION <br />Taxes <br />CA SB2 Fee <br />Others <br />Paid <br />1/11/2018 <br />08:04 AM <br />Jc <br />Pages 1 <br />00 <br />.00 <br />.00 <br />.00 <br />The undersigned is a Project Manager for the City of Chino Hills, 14000 City Center Drive, Chino Hills, <br />California, which is the owner of the interest or estate stated below in the property hereinafter described. <br />The nature and interest or estate of the City is: In Fee <br />(If other than fee, strike "in Fee" and insert, for example, "easement" or "lessee") <br />A work of improvement on the property hereinafter described was completed on December -1,2017 <br />The work of improvement is described as follows: PIPELINE AVENUE RAISED CONCRETE MEDIAN <br />project_ <br />Date of Contract: June 13, 2017 Contract/Agreement No. A2017-130 <br />Name of Original Contractor: All American Asphalt. <br />The property on which said work of improvement was completed is in the City of Chino Hills, County of San <br />Bernardino, State of California, and is described as follows: <br />Pipeline Avenue between Chino Hills Parkway and the North City Limit, Chino Hills, California. <br />(Legal description) <br />The street address of said property is: <br />(If no street address has been <br />APN: N/A <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO )ss <br />CITY OF CHINO HILLS ) <br />CITY OF CVINQJHIL <br />ly assigned, insert "none") <br />Mark L. Rakb, Senior Civil Engineer <br />I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I am the City Manager for the City of Chino Hills. I have read the foregoing <br />Notice of Completion and know the contents thereof; and I certify that the same is true of my own <br />knowledge. <br />I declare under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on <br />January 9, 2018 at City of Chino Hills, California. <br />Konradt Bartlam, City Man ger <br />00 <br />