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CITY OF CHINO HILLS <br />AMENDMENT NO. 1 TO AGREEMENT NO. A2016-193 <br />BETWEEN THE CITY OF CHINO HILLS AND <br />AKM CONSULTING ENGINEERS <br />THIS AMENDMENT No. 1 to Agreement No. A2016-193, dated October 11, 2016, is <br />entered into in the State of California by and between the City of Chino Hills, a California <br />general law municipal corporation, hereinafter called "City", and AKM Consulting <br />Engineers, hereinafter called "Contractor". <br />Amend Agreement A2016-193 as follows: <br />1. Add Scope of Work with the attached Exhibit A <br />2. Add Compensation with the attached Exhibit B <br />3. Increase the annual not -to -exceed amount by $70,940 for a total contract <br />amount as follows: <br />Original Agreement: $ 249,910 <br />Amendment No. 1 70,940 <br />Total Reprised Contract Amount (not to exceed): $ 320,850 <br />All other provisions of the agreement remain in effect. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the City Council of the City of Chino Hills has caused this <br />Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. A2016-193 to be subscribed by its duly authorized <br />officers, in its behalf, on April 11, 2017 and the said party of the second part has signed <br />this Agreement. <br />AKM CONSULTING ENGINEERS CITY OF CHINO HILLS <br />Z4C <br />NAME <br />TITLE <br />R Y MARdUEZ, M YOR <br />WL044171. 1�MUNI <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br />MARK ,lb. EY, CITY A ORNEY <br />