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CM 2016-076 <br /> city <br /> ut <br /> Chino Hills <br /> � MEMORANDUM <br /> DATE: October 19, 2016 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Cou cii <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Manav - i‘!`;f <br /> RE: FLASHING RIGHT TURN YELLOW ARROW AT GRAND AVENUE AND <br /> BOYS REPUBLIC DRIVE — SUSPENSION OF THE PROJECT <br /> On October 7, 2015, staff submitted a recommendation to the Public Works Commission <br /> recommending the installation of a flashing yellow arrow for the northbound Boys <br /> Republic Drive approach to Grand Avenue. On November 10, 2015, the City Council <br /> approved the work and budgeted $17,000 towards the improvement. Staff moved <br /> forward with the project and solicited bids for this work. On March 24, 2016, the City <br /> received one bid from Macadee Electrical Construction in the amount of $11,869. <br /> At the job site meeting held on July 13, 2016, both Macadee and the equipment supplier, <br /> Econolite Control Products, requested the installation of a "No U-Turn" sign for <br /> westbound Grand Avenue before they could complete the installation of the conflict <br /> monitor. Without the "No U-Turn" sign, the flashing yellow arrow would be in direct <br /> conflict with U-turn movements from westbound Grand Avenue. Both Macadee and <br /> Econolite expressed this as a serious concern and Macadee subsequently sent a formal <br /> letter to the City stating its position. <br /> Staff evaluated the impacts of mounting a "No U-Turn" sign for westbound Grand <br /> Avenue. Traffic counts were taken on two weekday afternoons, and the amount of U- <br /> turns at this intersection was found to be significant, accounting for approximately 32% <br /> of all traffic exiting the Chili's driveway. If the City were to install the "No U-Turn" sign, <br /> drivers would be forced to use the Gateway center's main driveway to make a left turn in <br /> order to head eastbound on Grand Avenue. This would impose additional delays and <br /> burdens to the already congested Gateway driveway, and would also negatively impact <br /> the businesses. Furthermore, the intersection of Grand Avenue and City Center Drive <br /> would share increased U-turn demands, resulting in a lower level of service at this <br /> intersection. <br /> Staff will report to the Public Works Commission that this project has been suspended <br /> and will continue to monitor the traffic flow at this intersection. <br /> KB:NM:JD:cmb <br />