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CM 2016-079 <br /> Ciab alaiZeigVP <br /> Ciof <br /> ty MEMORANDUM <br /> Chino Hills <br /> DATE: October 24, 2016 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council <br /> !t`�I <br /> o <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Maria. - �`� <br /> RE: CARBON CANYON ROAD -- TRAFFIC ISSUES <br /> The Carbon Canyon Road has seen an increased volume of truck and passenger vehicle <br /> traffic over the years. This has resulted in major delays during peak traffic hours. <br /> Consequently, the congestion on this road causes significant delays for our residents who <br /> live in Carbon Canyon neighborhoods as well as other areas of the City which outlet onto <br /> Chino Hills Parkway. These conditions are further magnified when some of the local <br /> freeways (i.e. Route 57, Route 60, Route 91, etc.) become backlogged. <br /> The following are likely major factors which contribute to the substandard conditions of <br /> this roadway: <br /> • Road Capacity - The volume of traffic utilizing this roadway is likely beyond its <br /> capacity. This may be primarily caused by an inordinate amount of pass-through <br /> (the City) traffic. <br /> • Traffic Operations - Signal timing seems to cause major backups within the City of <br /> Brea's segment of this road. In addition, the signal at Carbon Canyon Road and <br /> Chino Hills Parkway is challenged during peak hours. <br /> • Truck Traffic and Safety - Large truck traffic, although not the major cause of the <br /> congestion creates a safety concern, as some of the curves may not safely <br /> accommodate the longer trucks, causing them to utilize opposite traffic lanes. <br /> The solution to this challenge is rather complex and requires the coordination and <br /> support of the following entities: <br /> • Caltrans District 8 (San Bernardino County) <br /> • Caltrans District 12 (Orange County) <br /> • City of Brea <br /> • City of Chino Hills <br />