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CM2016-089 <br /> Cib alfaiiage4i <br /> Ciiy orMEMORANDUM <br /> China Hills <br /> DATE: November 30, 2016 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Co cil <br /> IgN <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Mangy•e��,,1 <br /> RE: COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL NANCIAL REPORT <br /> A copy of the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ended June <br /> 30, 2016, has been downloaded and is available for viewing on your iPad. <br /> Attached is a copy of the Report on Internal Control over Financial Reporting and on <br /> Compliance and Other Matters, and correspondence relating to audit findings by the City's <br /> financial auditor. <br /> If you have any questions, please contact Judy Lancaster at extension 2642 or me. <br /> Thank you. <br /> KB:JRL:PA:EC:ssr <br /> Attachments <br />