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Ordinance No. 268[Icon] OMP Partners project located on east side of Butterfield Ranch Rd Zone Change 5
Ordinance No. 269[Icon] Pinehurst Parkt to replace Soquel Canyon Community Park 4
Ordinance No. 270[Icon] Animal Separation & Permitted Animal Raising 44
Ordinance No. 271[Icon] Purchasing Procedures & Authorize City Manager to Award 16
Ordinance No. 272[Icon] Speed Limits Add Ch. 10.24 Section 10.24.010 7
Ordinance No. 273[Icon] Supportive & Transitional Housing Uses 9
Ordinance No. 274[Icon] Equestrian & Large Animal Overlay District 7
Ordinance No. 275[Icon] Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Distribution 10
Ordinance No. 276[Icon] Christmas Tree Lots Sign, Banners & Flags Regulations 8
Ordinance No. 277[Icon] Water, Sewer, Traffic & Storm Drain Fees 12
Ordinance No. 278[Icon] Dog Microchip ID Requirement 6
Ordinance No. 279[Icon] Retail Sale of Dogs & Cats 8
Ordinance No. 280[Icon] Wall Heights & Parking / Loading for SFR 11
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