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Ordinance No. 322[Icon] Nuisances-Recovery Abatement Expenses Amend 1.36.050 7
Ordinance No. 323[Icon] Smoking Regulations 7
Ordinance No. 324u[Icon] State Video Franchisees video pulbic, educational & governmental fee 7
Ordinance No. 325[Icon] State Video Franchisees video pulbic, educational & governmental fee 6
Ordinance No. 326[Icon] Banners & Signs Amendment 18MCA01 11
Ordinance No. 327[Icon] Setting Amount of Water Rates & Charges 8
Ordinance No. 328u[Icon] Remove and/or Disconnect Utility Service 10
Ordinance No. 329[Icon] Fire Overlay District Amendment 18MCA02 12
Ordinance No. 330[Icon] City Manager's Authority to appoint, remove, promote & demote employees 6
Ordinance No. 331[Icon] Disconnect Utility Service 20
Ordinance No. 332[Icon] CHMC 13.05.100 Retroactive Adjustments vs. 8 RB 7
Ordinance No. 333[Icon] Establish Time Limits for Use of Residential Design Review Approvals 9
Ordinance No. 334[Icon] Automatically Adjust General Facilities Fee and Parks and Recreation Fee 9
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