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Ordinance No. 307[Icon] Marijuana Uses Amendment 17MCA01 12
Ordinance No. 308[Icon] 2016 Edition of Ca Fire Code w/Errata 23
Ordinance No. 309[Icon] Banners & Attachments in right-of-way 23
Ordinance No. 310[Icon] Solid Waste Disposal (Trash) Rates 13
Ordinance No. 311[Icon] 2100 Founders Dr. (Trumark Homes)Realign Zoning Boundaries 10
Ordinance No. 312[Icon] District-Based Elections Add Ch. 1.14 10
Ordinance No. 313[Icon] Business Licenses Exemptions of Fees Amend 5.04.100 6
Ordinance No. 314[Icon] 14715 Peyton Dr. Religious Facility Zone 8
Ordinance No. 315[Icon] Electric Vehicle Charging Systems Add Ch. 15.17 8
Ordinance No. 316[Icon] Landscape & Water Conservation Requirements Amend 16.07 21
Ordinance No. 317[Icon] 2948 Chino Hills Parkway Religious Facility Development Zone Change 6
Ordinance No. 318[Icon] Temp & Permanent Signs Amendment 17MCA04 22
Ordinance No. 319[Icon] Home Occupation Permits Amendment 17MCA09 13
Ordinance No. 320[Icon] Repeal PD 57-171 General Plan Update 31
Ordinance No. 321[Icon] Accessory Dwelling Units & Guest Houses 12
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