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Resolution No. CHCIC 02-01[Icon] Setting time and place for Annual meeting 2
Resolution No. CHCIC 02R-02[Icon] Authorizing execution and delivery of Installment purchase agreement and trust agreement in connection with Certificates of Participation 2002 Water System Project 4
Resolution No. CHCIC 03-01[Icon] Refunding of Certificates of Participation 2003 Water System Project 5
Resolution No. CHCIC 07-01[Icon] Certificates of Participation (Civic Center interim financing project) 5
Resolution No. CHCIC 13-01[Icon] First Amendment to ground lease, lease agreement and assignment agreement with City of Chino Hills 5
Resolution No. CHCIC 2018R-01[Icon] Dissolution of the Chino Hills Capital Improvement Corporation 3
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-01[Icon] Approving Bylaws of the Capital Improvement Corporation 13
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-02[Icon] Approving a Corporate Seal 3
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-03[Icon] Adopting a Fiscal Year from July 1 of each year and ending on June 30 of the following year 2
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-04[Icon] Establishing a Bank Account 2
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-05[Icon] Authorizing Officers of the Corporation to file necessary Federal and State Tax Exemption documents 2
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-06[Icon] Authorizing Issuance of Certificates of Participation in connection with Civic Center Improvements 2
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-07[Icon] Authorizing Officers to file annual statements 2
Resolution No. CHCIC 92-09[Icon] Accepting the best bid for purchase of $2,490,000 Principal Amount of Certificates of Participation, series 1992 (Civic Center Improvements) 3
Resolution No. CHCIC 92R-08[Icon] Authorizing execution, sale, and deliver of Certificates of Participation Series 1992 (Civic Center Improvements) 10
Resolution No. CHCIC 92R-10[Icon] Authorizing investment of monies in local Agency Investment Fund 2
Resolution No. CHCIC 96R-01[Icon] Authorizing execution of Lease Financing documents to refinance 1986 and 1990 prior certificates for 1996 Water System Refinancing project 3
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