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Ordinance No. 281[Icon] Zone Change 14ZC01 Change from Business Park (BP) to Density Residential (RM-3) and Development Agreement 45
Ordinance No. 282[Icon] Zone Change 14ZC04 Amend Existing Zoning Map 11
Ordinance No. 283[Icon] Adding Chapter 5.56 Bingo Games 15
Ordinance No. 284[Icon] Massage Establishments 11
Ordinance No. 285[Icon] Amending Chapter 16.02 Defining Live/Work Dwelling and Mized Use 18
Ordinance No. 286[Icon] Water Conservation 11
Ordinance No. 286u[Icon] Water Conservation 11
Ordinance No. 287[Icon] Dog Microchip Idenification 7
Ordinance No. 288[Icon] Vila Borba Levy of Special Tax 14
Ordinance No. 289[Icon] Setting Amount of Wastewater Rates and Charges 8
Ordinance No. 290[Icon] Permit Process for Small Residential Rooftop Solar Systems 10
Ordinance No. 291[Icon] Second Story Massing Guidelines for Single-Family Residences 9
Ordinance No. 292[Icon] Permissible Zoning Districts for Religious Institutions and Public Assembly Uses 11
Ordinance No. 293[Icon] Revise definition of "Hedge" 10
Ordinance No. 294[Icon] Dog Leash Requirement 9
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