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CM2019-018 <br />DATE: APRIL 8, 2019 <br />C,'B�j� O&aa�� <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />FROM: BENJAMIN MONTGOMERY, CITY MANAGER�K <br />RE: MONTHLY SUMMARY OF LEGISLATIVE ACTION <br />In compliance with Administrative Policy 5.2 Section 3.2.7, Legislative Program, adopted by the City <br />Council on June 14, 2016, it is the responsibility of the Legislative Committee to report to the City <br />Council regarding any actions taken by the Committee. The following table is a summary for the period <br />ending March 31, 2019. <br />Date Action taken <br />03-06-2019 H.R. 530 (Eshoo) - Repeals FCC <br />Limits on Local Regulation of 5G <br />Infrastructure (Letter of Support) <br />03-06-2019 SB 403 (Chang) State Parks: <br />Chino Hills State Park: <br />Renaming Certain Acres of Land <br />(Letter of Support) <br />03-06-2019 SB 404 (Chang) - State Parks: <br />Chino Hills State Park: <br />Expansion (Letter of Support) <br />03-12-2019 AB 322 (Gallagher) - Political <br />Reform Act of 1974: Online Filing <br />and Disclosure System (Letter of <br />Support) <br />03-15-2019 SB 64 (Chang) - Dogs and cats: <br />microchip implants (Letter of <br />Support) <br />Comments <br />This bill repeals recent harmful FCC regulations <br />limiting the ability of local governments to regulate <br />the deployment of 5G wireless infrastructure. <br />This bill will support the renaming of a portion of <br />Chino Hills State Park, formerly as Brea -Olinda <br />Wilderness Area in honor of late and former CA <br />Assemblyman and Senator Ross Johnson. <br />This bill supports the opportunity to expand the <br />Chino Hills State Park by preserving open space and <br />natural habitats for future generations. <br />This bill requires local government agencies to post <br />on its internet website a copy of any specified <br />statement, report, or other document filed with that <br />agency in paper format. This bill would require that <br />the statement, report, or other document be made <br />available for four years from the date of the election <br />associated with the filing. <br />This bill requires that all municipal animal shelters to <br />microchip any dog or cat that is adopted or <br />recovered by their owner. By requiring dogs and cats <br />to be microchipped at the time of adoption or upon <br />being returned to their owner, will help in reducing <br />the population at animal shelters and save the <br />taxpayers dollars that are currently being spent on <br />euthanizing animals. <br />