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CM2019-011 <br /> et* C14a'z€9e' <br /> -41110 <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> DATE: March 4, 2019 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and Council ' i t bers <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Ma ge/ %pr <br /> RE: WHAT'S DEVELOPING <br /> Here is a summary of the latest development activities being processed by the Community <br /> Development Department. <br /> Hidden Oaks Update <br /> The applicant for the Hidden Oaks single-family residential project has withdrawn the Specific <br /> Plan for a 107-unit single-family residential subdivision and has modified the Vesting Tentative <br /> Tract Map No. 18869 to include a 53-lot (approx. 1-acre in size) hillside subdivision on an <br /> approximately 537-acre property. The property is currently designated Agriculture-Ranches in <br /> the City's General Plan and zoned Agriculture-Ranches (R-A) which allows for single-family <br /> residential uses with a minimum lot size of five (5) acres. Under the City's clustering ordinance, <br /> designated R-A properties are permitted minimum lot sizes up to 10,000 square feet in size <br /> provided overall project density is reduced by 50% (0.5 du/5 acres). Applications for clustering <br /> must demonstrate reduced intrusions into sensitive habitat areas, open space, and the Chino Hills <br /> State Park. The development proposed is consistent with the City's clustering ordinance. The City <br /> has initiated the processing of the modified application. <br /> Hillcrest Update <br /> Hillcrest, the 76-unit single-family housing project being developed by Woodbridge Pacific <br /> Group (WPG) on the former ski slope site, has four model homes open to the public. WPG has <br /> completed homes through Phase 5, which total 46 homes. Currently, Phase 6 is under <br /> construction, with all but three homes sold in the first 6 Phases. WPG and Caltrans are <br /> coordinating the design review for the traffic signal and street improvements at Carbon Canyon <br /> Road and Canyon Hills Road. <br />