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City of <br />Chino Hills <br />DATE: <br />TO: <br />FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Mana <br />February 22, 2019 <br />C4ala/ireo, <br />MEMORANDUM <br />Honorable Mayor and City Council <br />RE: Overview of the February 1118, 2019 Storms <br />CM2019-007 <br />Our City experienced a significant set of storms this season which resulted in over 17 <br />inches of rain (as of the date of this memorandum), well over the historic average. This <br />memorandum provides a brief overview of the most recent storms which occurred <br />between February 13th and February 18th of this year, along with an attached table <br />providing additional details. During the February 14th storm, staff activated the Public <br />Works Department's Storm Operations Center and was able to receive incoming calls <br />from our residents during the day and well into the evening hours as well as manage the <br />field operations throughout. <br />The Public Works Department (PWD) began receiving storm -related calls early on <br />February 14, 2019. Most of the calls were related to tree and debris removal, flooding, <br />traffic control, and leaks in City buildings. PWD -crews were deployed throughout the <br />City to mitigate the issues and also enlisted the help of contractors. A few of these <br />issues will continue to be addressed over the next two weeks. <br />Some of the issues were a bit more significant than others. An example regards <br />assisting our Police Department with a felled tree on an occupied vehicle. Fortunately, <br />the occupants safely exited the vehicle and the tree was removed. Additionally, another <br />large tree fell across Grand Avenue requiring a portion of the roadway to be temporarily <br />closed. <br />One of the areas which is most drainage -challenged is the Los Serranos area. We <br />received flooding concerns from some residents along Fairway Blvd. and also Monterey <br />Ave. The PWD will soon recommend hiring an engineering consulting firm to prepare a <br />master plan of drainage (MPD) for Los Serranos. This MPD will include an extensive <br />hydrology/hydraulic analysis, which will identify drainage deficiencies in the area and <br />propose prioritized projects for mitigating them. The study may absorb up to one year to <br />complete. Funding for drainage improvements recommended through this study will <br />likely be significant and the PWD will seek every available opportunity to receive external <br />funding. While this may seem far in the future, it is a positive step that is being taken <br />by the City, for the first time. <br />