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DATE: February 6, 2019 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />FROM: KONRADT BARTLAM, CITY MANAGER & fc-VK-JS <br />CM2019-005 <br />RE: PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION REGARDING AGENDA ITEM 7A — <br />THE RINCON — SITE PLAN REVIEW 15SPR03 FIRST AMENDMENT, <br />TENTATIVE PARCEL MAP 19846, SUBSEQUENT MITIGATED NEGATIVE <br />DECLARATION, AND SUBSEQUENT MITIGATION MONITORING <br />REPORTING PROGRAM <br />At their meeting on February 5, 2019, the Planning Commission resumed the public <br />hearing for the proposed Rincon Amendment. The public hearing was continued from <br />November 6, 2018, and continued again on December 4, 2018, to allow staff time to <br />amend the agreement for the hotel impact study update. The Rincon Amendment proposes <br />to modify the previously approved site plan for the freeway commercial center. The <br />modification will include: (1) removing the 60,000 -square foot medical office building; (2) <br />adding a 70,000 -square foot, 119 -room hotel (Holiday Inn Express); (3) adding a 6,500 - <br />square foot single story medical office building and 30,000 -square foot three-story medical <br />office building; and (4) reducing restaurant Pad 1 from 6,000 -square feet to 3,500 -square <br />feet. The proposed changes will increase the overall square footage within the center from <br />157,100 -square feet to 201,304 -square feet, or a net increase of 44,204 -square feet. <br />Additionally, the applicant is proposing Tentative Parcel Map 19846, to parcel the subject <br />property for condominium purposes into nine (9) lots and one (1) common lot. <br />The Commission discussed the following project aspects with staff's consultants and the <br />applicant: <br />• The Chino Hills hotel market and findings from the updated Hotel Impact Study <br />prepared by CBRE on behalf of the City; <br />Approved versus proposed parking and traffic impacts; <br />• General questions regarding Holiday Inn Express brand; <br />The City's hotel consultant, Brandon Feighner with CBRE, addressed the Commission's <br />concerns regarding the updated Hotel Impact Study. The City's consultant, Richard <br />Barretto with Linscott, Law & Greenspan Engineers, discussed the differences between the <br />approved and proposed project in regards to parking and traffic. Cassidi Haskell, Regional <br />Director of Sales on behalf of Holiday Inn Express and Marriott TownePlace Suites, briefly <br />