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DRAWING NUMBER <br />TR 12136 <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS - - NEW HOPE- MINNESOTA <br />REORDER BY PART NUMBER 6552 <br />DRAWING NUMBER <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS o NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA <br />REORDER BY PART NUMBER 6552 <br />DRAWING NUMBER <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS o NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA <br />REORDER BY PART NUMBER 6552 <br />DRAWING NUMBER <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS e NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA <br />REORDER BY PART NUMBER 6552 <br />tITT.4 <br />r <br />y <br />MIN <br />F ONDQ <br />Ht7,E <br />r <br />in <br />OF' CALI <br />COU N ER-RIT-0- RT Q. UNIN 0. N ';BERNARE 1NO <br />N C-0 R' <br />t <br />s TAT, E <br />RTION, '0 <br />G; "M" HE OFF1CI ..1 <br />GF :�:MF <br />H I P.,,: 2.;-5.QUTH,�.'- RAN <br />r <br />'Ll DEN <br />Z4G <br />—PTEMBER <br />4 <br />D S- CH M" I D, <br />Cl .1 <br />W1 LL� <br />LCj <br />Tt� <br />'ALI N I A.'.'CA ADW -Gal iti <br />R' -:Ch e an c' <br />C N i a.,. <br />-11CATE" <br />SURVEYOR'S CER,TIFICATE <br />IN ER." 5`CE R T[F <br />irveyor.6 <br />�7 4t <br />U the RG'- hereby' fate' th at: 1. ani a:- L i cen's* L an&S't <br />WY :1':GERALD. F' OLDENBU <br />e <br />L e0 <br />ily I i <br />J Lj me'titsl iMi 11 <br />iv <br />d <br />-T,".G IS LAS ON R- ofr California an'd that.this map., consisting of 4 s 11' s:�alme and bo�iplet&!-reprl.ese.n <br />-�qe r t i w <br />-on y. h' r -,,inte're 5,t WE id the� I tk. <br />We 'A M ets <br />AKER <br />'d i:� and'.. donsent t6i'the on, n - r <br />r <br />a A dat on <br />19 8Z and tht Al I <br />-V. :tat i o recti oil';* y the-, p'41 ic VICE. PRES IDENT,'-,f' Il'Of a SUrvey made Under 'I F 0 R N I X.:, IS S NO TARY. c.a wi <br />ral'. PubI1&-1itiI1ty--. ompanies;..which'.are <br />"ACKNOW lieleon are o <br />I .. . �._ : LEDGEME f the.character a te,d or' <br />of ffer.-t-,ded]. atel,t6AIle:,Qq Ay',of.5an.-Bernardin6, <br />u TATE, OF Cht� lid OCCUPY the'-pb�ftlons indi <br />aUth or i zed 1.16 �serve <br />ge hemP,�a ,e '6*6495,afnd 664,9'1&-�lt <br />n o r <br />'Q*Oljr N TY; 0 F; 0 R AN G I",. e ?6. 99-5 i c e' -w i th <br />qt to e`r­ ab I 't I i e s u* f�.'ff <br />sz .�;,s4bi _i'$i CrOU t <br />_hwa 'nd PLIb I i,�"u <br />q'y bef or <br />"I n. 0d- 5� a <br />at <br />-e p u 4 <br />s <br />C S <br />th' ,�across ..? . :., I'!W - me the e <br />- ,,� .1 � I q ore!; <br />aryt 'th6'.Sbblivi i oil. 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P: 6 1 Y. <br />p <br />-Act. a <br />V <br />in o:an <br />'S t ion <br />an <br />e s4ppe s. o I. t <br />:COUNTY S U RV E -Y <br />o; d <br />ic an <br />.,rAnt6r,,! its' -an <br />(now 1edqpd.*t tile h at' LICII cor'porati iq) c iciar' <br />9 <br />oh G soes. d"..assi ris e,- :as'be nef' OR'S*CERTIFICATE` <br />provjded':� <br />F s,and-` ehic' I ar. lac qe'�'s,,' <br />f, 'Ald;1c - r -. . . . j. no Ss --nly <br />ceepsemeht�'herejw nj. ffi. i al: �6 <br />-.6 s6 t ll;� I and"' 'A S t <br />n ati <br />'th' tile re to ati d th4 a lfl�lthe ns,,of M n d' <br />Provislo a <br />i 3 <br />M <br />ca -correct <br />ot� <br />-s t4c�6 �t- T. -and-, the'..--,priv] <br />MNC <br />1`4WY ;.I'ege-,,a0 <br />f <br />an ee"7,.,o q� 0. t stltute-40 lab ,'have been- fp[ied.,-with a n d I ai� 's,at i i 6 d dfa�:i 1.5 r <br />-%appror' <br />icedik,'00 Grantee;! <br />R N1 G �con sf <br />KAY <br />'my SR <br />he y <br />ap 3rotv n <br />I th o se,,'.be e t a i n <br />Ur <br />A. 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T;111A <br />1.54(cce:. ;S I I <br />�ts- ;Ilf '$ " ".il_ , 1, <br />let;, pa� <br />; - - 1 -7-7-- q , -PTANCE"-CE RT IF I CATE. <br />or.4q1q.ak-taxes:, Qr_ sni <br />'*Pttaxe,­ <br />,heir Xes, ,a,�sess <br />aq ai property :s <br />1=9704W . I . I 1 '17 <br />r7g'W.t6 in -list 7, i Mlt <br />�on:.�,!prp -,qtjpn!!.rj IT <br />are -no <br />r or 46, t of f i cg ��as-.� ot �,O atle -,Uere!'., <br />�§arii e I V I -a d. r er <br />� ;o.;, [Wl rilgiWor fy that. 4ccord ing. t41h`d'.-r <br />'d n I -e by <br />how n upoi 'the'...'ar for' unpait;s tcitje�$�' G <br />e*. rip, 6 inexe'd Wunicipal". <br />our, <br />d d," <br />Sit: '61itsl't "t6o�'.'ta <br />Pit A gj� <br />Y,�ti . 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I G-H T A.N 0'.,' <br />e, fs <br />L i. nafthers <br />WNER:: <br />E -,:'R E M"'T'NTEREST N 0 R'- <br />th <br />d li [p, exe <br />d <br />-F HE' <br />o', c-OU.N T-Y'j; H AS BEEN` QMI,T.,TED'__PLURSUANT,'JO T <br />NOT 0 F Q I AL",'RECORDS OF <br />S <br />0 F,� PROV I SI ONS F SEC ­ <br />tate, <br />ia -of aid�;S <br />W tne s s lid h6d L s T.- I-0 N 0,-,!GRAYCE; <br />ot rv,.. P ub-I i d in and,,* for <br />DA <br />�A..MARIE ROSS" <br />-,HERSERT:R 8 <br />0 -0' 1`11P, <br />-NTEREST.1N-;0R GAS* A. MIN <br />R1 G T <br />R <br />-M MM S51011 ex <br />Rc6s , -. , , III - D'I E :B 0 .,,:..4462 <br />MARIE .0WATURES. OF:., 'I - "Os Y�:oo 'k. <br />REESE',.,TH RECORD,-,-.O`WNERS,.-;,OF <br />OFFTICIA :''THE" S �E <br />UANNA H --;T AL'S A'S: sot <br />NO TARY PUBLIC CALIFORIIIIII;� pires <br />0. <br />;,0 <br />0Z oo <br />An <br />fill <br />1 0 - <br />L!XP 3 <br />P E' I-SION..MAP ACT: <br />y -OFFICIAL RECORDS OF SAN: BERN -COL 09-ii-LBEEN OMITTED"'PUR <br />?AGE .5 6 3 AIRD I NO I N T- Y:',,---: H <br />f COUNTY <br />ORANG TO. THE.- q�CT I -ON:, 664;36_,�JC):'­4 OF,: -.j -H <br />Ire'APR & <br />ROVI I:ON.S -OF. SUBD14V' <br />t_ L <br />r <br />