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DRAWING NUMBER <br />7 7 <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA <br />REORDER B PART NUMBER 6552 <br />OWT;ER' S STATEMENT <br />We hereby state we are all and the only parties having any record title interest <br />in the land subdivided as shown: on the annexed map, and we consent to the prepar:::.ion <br />and recordation of this parcel :-yap. 11Wehereby irrevocably offer to dedicate to the <br />County of San Bernardino all rights of vehicular. ingress to or egress from Parcels <br />No. 1, e, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 , over a :d across the northerly and easterly line of said <br />parcels abutting Grand Avenue a,id Peyton Drive, respectively excepting the <br />access openings as shown on the annexed map. We hereby reserve +o ourseI eS, our heirs <br />and. assiyt5 th-- "Private Access Easement ", for the use and benefit- of those parcels affected, <br />ag cielinea+ed on said map. We also hereby irrevocably offer iodedicate lathe County of Stn Bernardino +he <br />"S' ewalk ,3&7744' as delineated on laid map. <br />P&A-1 <br />Pat F'ayn , custee ; Owner FSob r A. Payne ,. Tr(s+ee owner <br />Ce n- ral - G`eve loprne nt Group, Inc. as 0 p+io nee per Opi-ion Agreement recorded March 18, I D88 <br />as Ins-I-rurnet%+ No. 88-081000, 0. R. <br />Vi Cc AA -7 <br />NOTARY ACKNO1,1LEDGMENTS : <br />State of California ) <br />ss <br />County of fi ✓a.►n q,e� ) <br />Q <br />before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public <br />in and for said State,' personally appeared personally " <br />known to me (or proved to me on the basis ofsatisfactory evidence) to be the <br />person whose name is subscribed to this instrument, and acknowledged to me :hat <br />he execute -d -1t. <br />Witness my hand and Official Seal. <br />cxp <br />a �. h. f La .J 1� �• <br />DRAWING NUMBER <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS • NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA <br />REORDER BY PART NUMBER 6552 <br />DRAWING NUMBER <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS • NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA <br />REORDER BY PART NUMBER 6552 <br />/A/ THE 69l1,111 -P 01= SAN 8E/9/UAf3D1Ai0, CAC lFOiji11lA <br />P A R <br />A P N <br />• <br />117 <br />,6if/NC7 A D11419101V OF 1 W1'7CE•L 2 O� �Af3CEL MAc'A10 !//8q EAS F3erMI:.0E0/A! <br />BeVA /23, PAGE'S !!-13 OF 1W1111Ce4 AfA1n5, A36C011`306 0IMP <br />G'QU�tJT3'; CAG/ =eIV11A, !A/ 95C 7-101V /7� T. ? S., /3. 6 CJ., f 9A/CRO SANTA ANF L <br />CH/�t/O. �'[/�tISUFi 1/El�ED, <br />J F: Mac' <br />AUDITOR'S CERTIFICC� <br />I hereby certify that according to the records of this office, as of this <br />date, there are no liens against the real property shown upon the annexed map <br />for unpaid state, county, municipal or local taxes or special assessments <br />collected as taxes, except taxes or special assessments not yet payable, <br />estimated to be $ A)(91U I✓ <br />DATED: WQt1 <br />ERROL J. MACKZUM, County Auditor <br />County of San Bernardino, California <br />BY:�Deputy <br />• v <br />D OF SUPERVISOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />I he certify that a bond in the sum of $ has <br />executed and ed with the Board of Supervisors.of the County o <br />Bernardino, -State California, conditioned upon the pa of all taxes, <br />state, county, municip or local and all special ssments, collected <br />as taxes, which at the ti m f the filing o e annexed map with thE• county,* <br />recorder are a lien against sal rn y, but not yet payable and twat the <br />subdivider has filed with nae r' 'cate by the proper officer gii,ing his <br />estimate of the•amou said taxes an ssessments, and said bond is hereby <br />accepted. <br />e <br />MARTHA M. SCUDDER <br />Clerk of the Board of Sup isors <br />of the County of San Bern din <br />By: Dep . <br />a <br />DRAWING NUMBER <br />SAFCO PRODUCTS • NEW HOPE, P41NNESOTA <br />REORDER BY PART NUMBER 65 32 <br />StiEcT ! Off' Z 5!/E�'TS � <br />SURVEYOR'S STATEMENT <br />This map was prepared by me or under my direction and is based upon a field <br />survey in conformance with the requirements of the Subdivision t•Iap Act and <br />local ordinance at the request of Beardsley Miller Properties , in March 3 , <br />19 88 , and all monuments shown h,2reon are of the character and occupy the <br />positions indicated. I hereby state that this Parcel Map substantially <br />conforms to the approved or conditionally approved tentative map, if any. <br />Dated: lf�I!p - �6 <br />h e <br />9 � . <br />Jar bmiwsw - ; <br />U <br />0.,3018 o <br />NO. 3018 <br />a <br />Of P <br />COUNTY SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />I• <br />This map conforms with the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and <br />Local Ordinance. <br />Dated: <br />CLAUDE D. TO_MLINSON, County Surveyor <br />�- . <br />Sv <br />County of San Bernardino <br />a`r C 7 <br />a - LS 467 5 <br />By: <br />i�rtlMry - Deputy <br />EXPIRATION DATE . <br />fl'�Tf <br />OF CA\- <br />COUNTY SURVEYOR'S APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE CERTIFICATE <br />The undersigned officer on behalf. of the Board of Supervisors, pursuant <br />to authority conferred by Section <br />88.0310 (c) (4) of the San Bernardino 13oun ty <br />A. <br />-1 ' hts d <br />State of California ) ss : SIGNATURE OMISSIONS Code, hereby approves t e annexe snap, an accepts ne acc ss 1ti9 an <br />%County of fZ 1 "Side4,/alk Casern6miS as delineated ortihe annexed map. <br />�rursuant -co 'Sectoii'r6ti43b of "ane" Sulid3visiori�iap pct, the sign *tures• of the <br />On S� A� -, /ft /3 FR, 3�l`i 9� , before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public following owners of easements or other interests have been` om.-; Dated: <br />-teed: - <br />appeared 130136:143r1,9-PAY.VE personally <br />and for said State, personally aP}e <br />,�t`._'r'� �, CLAUDE D. TOMLINSON, County Surveyor <br />known to me (or proved to me on the basis of sat evidence) to be the 1. Southern .Counties Gas Company of California, owner of ersement for gas- ic��' o'; <br />person whose name is subscribed to this :instrument, and acknowledged to me that pipes and mains as disclosed by Deed recorded March 6, 1.923, in Book ���J J• SCR�4q�,� oun�y of San Bernardino <br />he executed it. 783, Page 295 of deeds, Records of San Bernardino County, California. t - <br />0 <br />- ...�..._ Cal a as -em T* n t'� - t r+ ...� _ r.. — i J .+ _.. _1 ..J .....,.. <._..�-�_.._�...�, .,..��,- .._.�... e.�.....�..-,.�......-.....,.J..-_._.... - - �...Q-_Y...- -. <br />:..r._........_..--�..._..Y......»...�_.-_,......��......-...-._.--_.....,....._-_.- -r......�.2,-...,...,..�.. �. � v -7c.. C 11111 - - - <br />._ _ ...��-�..:--•...•.__:_r...`?.-.��--�£-L:?•cY3r - ---��ru '1�u'.'ti,i"'Y -v'� (�� ..,Tci�-``�-i-_ � �. .- ��Ep �L:^ ����" <br />� lS 675 <br />Witness my ban nd Officia]. Seal. a fee. rXPIRATIOFf i1A <br />l > � <br />U 41pti55iVid c. 2. Southern California Edison Company, owner of easement for pole lines •q <br />1Cpt�e�se3 �, 19 f! as disclosed by Deed recorded July 29, 1948, in Book 2270, Page 5 of ,/ <br />5i8nature = _ i v Official. Records, Records of San Bernardino Count llf OF GAL\r�� <br />U 5�LtTe C !fir y, lif California.o ia. Said - <br />easement cannot be located of record. Said Easemeni- carrot- ripen into • <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) 3. County of San Bernardino owner of easement for drainage structures, r, �}}tom <br />ss: slopes and the right to plant and maintain grass, plants and trees - V v� �� .. <br />COUNTY OF CrAA) R. as disclosed b Deed recorded Feb .' - <br />Y February 5.. 1987 as Instrument No. <br />On t, �9,0e , � before me, the ur�`nrs igned, a Notary <br />87-039375 Official Record,, Records of San Bernardino County' California. _ F" Lr <br />Public �n and for said State, personally appeared- - ' - -- ^Ft <br />personally known to me or .proved to'Jme on the basis of satisfactory evidence +'�t�'.�rl��.�1 <br />P y — . <br />to be.the.person/ who executed the within instrument As.�,� <br />President a" -e IS4Qr.QLa-- on behalf of . CEAilf)AG OE✓ElOf'/rfEiVl ON .. <br />611901-/P, /NC. the. Corporation therein named, and acknowledged to me that such <br />'n instrument pursuant to its by-laws or �•t I1�� A. � C. <br />Corporation executed the within p Y � , <br />-- resolution of its ara_of..directors. _..-- -- -- -- - - -------- _.._..._.. -- - _ - -- ---- - - - � - _ <br />-- — - - — _ - - -- - - - - - - --- - -- - - -- — - ----- -- - — - — - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - ,..r <br />WITNESS m hand d official al. lri'1 CDmrAi S51 L�J� � �'rEs ��►II <br />LCL:; TY <br />5i8nature a ��� '� <br />'Pee <br />