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M <br />M <br />z <br />cc <br />LU <br />m <br />z <br />2 <br />Q <br />cc <br />Q <br />0 1 <br />w , <br />Z <br />z <br />rn <br />0 w <br />o m <br />z <br />z� <br />• a <br />m <br />0¢ <br />0 aw <br />aEr <br />0 <br />LLL <br />a <br />r- <br />ur <br />z <br />Z N <br />�to <br />M <br />IL 0 W <br />=m <br />z <br />z <br />Z¢ <br />• a <br />r <br />U w <br />0 0 <br />a <br />0 <br />U <br />LLQ <br />u� <br />I <br />cc <br />LU <br />0 <br />w <br />z <br />OLdIL <br />'N:. <br />F it -LD iii i tt ,,i;ai•', .'r <br />0 <br />, ' . <br />: _, <br />� - �r <br />z <br />Q <br />c <br />0 <br />O <br />Q <br />❑ <br />THE F:t7N:, 4' THE At, r;L,; <br />V,;- ,,:-� <br />IL <br />0 <br />_-. _ _..:'• �. <br />:�,_" ,A::) <br />F'R0PER7Y 113:.. t1(i, Yt.- <br />a <br />0 <br />0 <br />i <br />LU <br />CU <br />to <br />o Lu <br />¢11 <br />'y <br />2 <br />Z <br />zCC d <br />• a <br />Urc LU <br />00 cc <br />O w <br />cc <br />IL <br />0 <br />U <br />CO <br />'f <br />r <br />r_t <br />OWNER'S CERTIFICATE <br />Tn Lsau cop <br />� r <br />AMENDING MAP <br />S ' -ET 1 OF 5 dK,i{E"'S <br />6 0 <br />TR.ACT NO..;o <br />A•SSOCIA'I ED EFI INIEE! S <br />IN . THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA <br />BEING A SUBDIVISION OF A PORTION `OF THE NORTHEAST QUARTER <br />OF SECTION 17, TOWNSHIP 2 SOUTH. RANGE 8 WEST (UNSURVEYED) <br />BEING A PART OF LOT 37 OF THE RANCHO SANTA ANA DEL <br />CHINO, AS RECORDED IN BOOK T OF MAPS. PAGE 4. RECORDS OF THE COUNTY <br />OF SAN BERNARDINO. STATE OF CALIFORNIA. <br />I -le hereby certify we are all and the only parties havine: an record title <br />interest in the land subdivided as shown on the annexed i ar. and we ccn`: r•r• <br />to the preparation and recot-datior. of this final r^ar. Wr, f•r'•EEIy I,•'., •',:'. <br />nffr�r to riarlir:+tn tr tha (minty of Car ?.c.rnirr!:nr. tF-n ,,Vic•' in Cr.n.,. <br />and jo any of the several public utility companies which auth0T-IZ,'r: <br />serve in said s ubdi vi si on , an easement for• pub i l c rnaC'.-. , cc,t,,n, t,,' I, i;;! ;;,-; <br />and public utility purposes in, under-, over, thr: ,cth r?ntl ac:t ost nr <br />Drive as shown on the annexed rap. The e/presr:,ed ric:rt' '.r +•hr• <br />in Ceneral and to the several utility companies shall t,r anrt rt':,i:r rr,- <br />ferior to the superior rights of the County of San Bernardino, <br />We also irrevocably offer to dedicate to the County of San!`.ernardino: <br />An open -space easement in per-petui ty as a covenant cunni r,^ with t►',� <br />land over Lots "r.", "B", "C",'L) ano't•• heina the cop,i7on at-t'dS, t-e�ervirr:- <br />to the Grantor, its successors and a,.s i ans , the ri nht tc uSe thf•. �,n dj • - <br />lvinc, land for recreation purpo,les ar,d vehicular anct. et'errencv, acce•>':, <br />rrovided, however, that said use shall not interfere with the ov�en- <br />space easement herein nranted; and provided that no imrravements other <br />than landscaping or recreation facilities shall be placea uron s:)id <br />5 land without the approval of the Crantee; and provided further that. t-rf, <br />approval of the Grantee of any improvement ;hall not constitute at, <br />abandonment of the open -space easernent. <br />All rights of vehicular ingress to or egress from Lets avd "i`,'�� <br />over and across the easterly liner of said lots ahuttin'.: rf'vtrn ;'r,ve <br />except for the access openings as delineated on said mar. <br />We hereby reserve to ourselves , our heirs and assigns , for r) :- P .�r,,l <br />benefit of San Bernardino County Waterworks District =P, t,'f a:,:-er ,r,l; <br />sewer easements as delineated on said map. <br />We hereby re',erve to ourselves, our heirs and assions, for 0-:p ;',E' :,gyri <br />benefit of the present or future owners of the lots affected, tl•� hri�a�.e <br />drainane easements as delineated on said map. - <br />We hereby reserve to ourselves, our heirs and assions, for the ,,e ani' <br />benefit of the several utility companios,, which are authorized to serve <br />in said subdivision, easements for public'utility-purposes delineated on <br />sajd map ps "P <br />R(ME N JOHN { y N E <br />J t7---- — <br />NOTARY ACKNOWIA:DOLMI:NT <br />STATE 01' CAI, 1 F ORN i A <br />COUNTY 01 SAN 11,LkNARD I NO <br />ON THIS .�i* DAY OF� .VI(tV, 19&5,, BEFORE ME. , &Id�r���e A NOTARY Pl1BL I C <br />IN AND FOR SAID COUNTY AND STATE, PERSONALLY APPEARED RO.ERT A. PAYNE, TR(1STEE, AND <br />JOHN PAT PAYNE; TRUSTEE, PERSONALLY KNOWN TO ME (OR PROVED TO ME ON THE ,BASIS OF SATISFACTORY <br />EVIDENCL) *10 1311 THE PERSONS WHOSE NAMES ARE SUBSCRIBED TO THIS INSTRUMENT, AND ACK,NOWLEDGLD <br />TO ME THAT THEY EXECUTED IT. <br />WITNESS MY HAND AND OFF TC SEAL: / <br />�/` <br />SIGNATUR r' Q,f.^•-+Q.� �yI <br />NAME_ <br />NOTARY PUBLIC OR IN AND FSAID <br />COUNTY AND STAT <br />MY COMMISSION EXPIRES: /Q/ 2? <br />$_1•G_NAT-URE_.0MISSION <br />11-4 �ICitb,IURE OF SOUTHERN CAL I ORNiA f.1) I)hl C11„ iIII (1l';1ii R 01 AN <br />i:rl'.EDIENi i OR POE LS ANO CONDUI 1', A`) III ',t I ( YA) V.Y tri i II IAI )'1 r O)IIV. <br />bui)t: . 1 . t , P.iGI `, RECORD[[) ,1111 Y :''), P)41 -t Pi ('0D`, Id al; Illi. ('.;•;i?I) 1 NO <br />COUNTY ti- : b EN OM 11 TI.D L)NUI 1' 1 Ili P1tOV I `.1 t) t' W ,i,' I I oN r•t t, Ili it1E- <br />tiU(ii)1V( .:-)1, M.jII' ALi. 11`.; INIIR1''i I.ANNO1 kiPIN ii)it) ,; itI. <br />LASFMEN I i_oVi PIS THE. [N I i RI AN.), hE 1 NG ' Ubt) I \! I I)[ D. <br />?� � �r�•.�r.9Ta.�',� c.� .�r�.�ra��,�i �.a�.re�s �(s c®�s�vr, r�� a�cv� a,�' <br />C./i6/„ e�S 'As 4,'4000" /.t/ Q174,C 79Z 4Aa<R+, r <br />6�itd%7' zie4ry awI77,W 71v'6-� 64, i e, <br />AMENDIA16 MAP GfRTiFICAT-P6 <br />SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />I HEREBY .CE'RTiFY THAT IAM A LICENSED LAND SURVEYOR OF THE STATE OF <br />CALIFORNIA, AND THE ONLY CORRECTIONS SHOWN ON THIS AMENDING MAP ARE <br />THOSE PROVIDED FOR IN SECTION 11,6469 OF THE SUBDIVISION MAP ACTS AND <br />THE NAMES OF THE PRESENT FEE OWNERS OF THE PROPERTY AFFECTED <br />ARE AS FOLLOWS: CORNELL- ORION, ACALIFORNIA CORPORATION. <br />OATS <br />__—CESTER ,H. NOREEN <br />LICEIV'SED LAND SURVEYOR N`? 300?- <br />COUNTY <br />0ozCOUNTY SURVEYOR'S CERTIFICATE <br />I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE EXAMINED THE AMENDMENTS MADE ON THE <br />ANNEXED AMENDING MAP, AND THE ONLY CHANGES THEREON FROM THE <br />ORIGINAL. MAP ARE THOSE PROVIDED FOR IN SECTION 6641o9 OF THE <br />SUBDIVISIDN MAP ACT, AND I AM SATISFIED THAT THIS MAP IS <br />TECHNICALLY CORRECT. <br />DATE CLAUDE D, TOMLINSON, COUNTY SURVEYOR <br />COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO <br />BY /�y•i � G�°��y��uzf <br />DEPUTY <br />AU1)1 T1)1i , .. ''•i ,l .'. I. <br />I HLRi-1)T <br />ARE Nl) Lit'!,') A;A:ti; ' R', <br />t <br />TAXES C!, .I'EC IAL AS c Mi t; <br />, _... _ _ . - .. _ :Cr_-. •'>~ .fid, <br />I <br />l�•JJ i .1 • � 1 <br />f,�r ............ I 1}..I.�r. <br />if1 ;sir r <br />ov-- + ..........�Z "��(. , . _ +a <br />I <br />i1 <br />'N:. <br />F it -LD iii i tt ,,i;ai•', .'r <br />� . � .' <br />, ' . <br />: _, <br />� - �r <br />CAI ifU4,l,iA. ;','NI'.T..';i. <br />THE F:t7N:, 4' THE At, r;L,; <br />V,;- ,,:-� <br />- _ ,' -�_. <br />_-. _ _..:'• �. <br />:�,_" ,A::) <br />F'R0PER7Y 113:.. t1(i, Yt.- <br />Y; I <br />.:ATE P� 1hE i.;'f'Ei; <br />AS SE�SMENIS, ANL) S.,.,: <br />��:'J� ;_ _. <br />.. _ ,_: <br />: _ ;: <br />, _':• 5. <br />DATED. <br />I <br />l�•JJ i .1 • � 1 <br />f,�r ............ I 1}..I.�r. <br />if1 ;sir r <br />ov-- + ..........�Z "��(. , . _ +a <br />I <br />i1 <br />