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Certificate of Occupancy <br />Department of Building and Safety <br />This Certificate issued pursuant to the requirements of Section 109 of the Uniform Building <br />Code certifying that at the time of issuance this structure was in compliance with the various <br />ordinances of the city regulating building construction or use. For the following: <br />Permit No. <br />Use of Building f �!' Occupancy Group_ <br />Owner of Buildin4 'I nT : `.- L. P.1, Ci _ . S, <br />Building Address 1-3665- C T (A. -I) I -, <br />Lot <br />Construction Type_ <br />Land Use : ; t 0.".' <br />Block Tract A.P.N. <br />Date ; ; _C,, ; By `- �71 <br />Building Official <br />