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DATE: April 6, 2018 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />CM2018-022 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and City Cou ci <br />FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Mana r <br />RE: MONTHLY SUMMARY OF LEGISLATIVE ACTION <br />In compliance with Administrative Policy 5.2 Section 3.2.7, Legislative Program, adopted by <br />the City Council on June 14, 2016, it is the responsibility of the Legislative Committee to <br />report to the City Council regarding any actions taken by the Committee. The following table is <br />a summary for the period ended March 30, 2018. <br />Date <br />Action taken <br />Comments <br />3-26-18 <br />AB 3162 (Friedman) - Support - <br />This bill would help maintain residential <br />Alcoholism or drug abuse <br />neighborhoods as a therapeutic environment <br />recovery or treatment facilities <br />for the social integration of disabled persons, <br />including recovering alcoholics and addicts by <br />reforming outdated regulations for licensing <br />of residential treatment facilities to ensure <br />compliance with existing laws. <br />3-26-18 <br />SB 623 (Monning) - Oppose <br />This program would be funded by imposing a <br />(unless amended) - Water <br />new statewide tax on water, as well as <br />Quantity: Safe and Affordable <br />fertilizer and dairy fees, to fund clean water <br />Drinking Water Fund <br />programs. The City's main objection relates <br />to its permanent and disproportionate <br />financial reliance on urban communities who <br />already invest in and recover charges for the <br />cost of providing safe drinking water. <br />3-26-18 <br />Brown Administration Budget <br />This Budget Trailer Bill seeks to establish the <br />Trailer Bill - Oppose (unless <br />Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund to <br />amended) - Safe and Affordable <br />assist communities and individual domestic <br />Drinking Water Act <br />well owners who lack access to safe drinking <br />water. The City's main objection relates to its <br />permanent and disproportionate financial <br />reliance on urban communities who already <br />invest in and recover charges for the cost of <br />roviding safe drinking water. <br />