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CM2018-015 <br />DATE: March 8, 2018 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and City Co ncil <br />FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Mana er <br />RE: PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION REGARDING AGENDA ITEM 7B — <br />SITE PLAN REVIEW NO. 14SPR03 FIRST AMENDMENT FOR GORDON <br />RANCH MARKETPLACE ANCHOR SPACE INTERIOR REMODEL <br />At their meeting on March 6, 2018, the Planning Commission (Commission) received a <br />report from City staff regarding the above-mentioned item, a request for approval of a <br />Site Plan Review amendment to modify the previously approved anchor space remodel. <br />The modification will consist of eliminating 18 tenant suites (13 offices and 5 retail) to <br />accommodate a youth basketball training facility and children's recreation area. The <br />modification will retain six (6) tenant suites along the frontage of the anchor space for <br />retail/restaurant and create a 20,512 -square foot space for the facility. <br />The Commission discussed the following aspects of the project with the staff and <br />applicant: <br />• Floor plan and layout of the basketball facility; <br />• Hours of operation; <br />• Prevention of alcohol consumption and sales; <br />• Number of participants for the basketball facility; <br />• Parking; <br />• Restroom facilities; <br />• Under 18 years of age curfew; and <br />• Noise. <br />The operator, Enoch Kwok, provided general feedback regarding the layout of the <br />basketball facility, business model, and constraints of adding bleacher -type seating <br />within the facility. Mr. Kwok also discussed the operating hours and noted that <br />practice/training will typically be complete by 9:00 p.m. in the evenings, and the final <br />two hours will provide opportunities for renting the facility to recreation basketball <br />teams. Mr. Kwok indicated to the Commission that there is no intention to sell alcohol <br />within the facility. The operator stated his commitment to adhere to the project <br />conditions of approval to ensure the facility does not impact the center's parking. <br />