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DATE: February 21, 2018 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />CM2018-011 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and City Coin; cil -� <br />FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Mana; fir, <br />RE: PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION REGARDING AGENDA ITEM 5B — <br />CUSTOM HOME DESIGN REVIEW NO. 452 FOR 15877 ESQUILIME <br />At their meeting on February 20, 2018, the Planning Commission (Commission) received <br />a report from City staff regarding the above-mentioned item, a request for approval of <br />Custom Home Design Review No. 452 for the construction of a two-story, single-family <br />detached residence consisting of 8,017 square feet of livable space with an attached <br />1084 -square foot, four -car garage on the property located at 15877 Esquilime Drive in <br />the Oak Tree Downs neighborhood. <br />The Commission discussed the oak trees located at the rear of the property, the location <br />of the septic tank on the subject site, curb, gutter and other infrastructure <br />improvements, the view of the property from the rear, and the drainage off of the site. <br />The applicant, Hugo Lepe, answered questions by the Commission, indicating that <br />drainage at the rear of the property would go into a detention basin at the rear of the <br />property. The applicant also mentioned that the Oak Tree Downs Homeowner's <br />Association has determined that the area should maintain a rural appearance wherever <br />possible. Staff indicated that an arborist report would be required prior to the submittal <br />of grading plans. Staff also indicated that, as the area is a private community, sidewalk <br />and gutter improvements would not be required, however prior to the issuance of a <br />building permit, a fire flow test will be performed and verification will be required that a <br />fire hydrant is located within 300 feet of the property. <br />There were no further comments from the public concerning this project. The <br />Commission indicated that they supported the design of the project, that it was a good <br />project for the area, and approved the project by a unanimous vote, 5-0. <br />KB:JL:AL:ssr <br />