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CM2018-005 <br />GIV°r MEMORANDUM <br />Chino Hills <br />DATE: January 25, 2018 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council <br />FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Mana e <br />RE: WHAT'S DEVELOPING <br />Following is a summary of the latest development activities being processed by the <br />Community Development Department. <br />Rancho Cielito <br />The Greening family has submitted plans to develop their property between Los Serranos <br />Lake and Los Serranos Boulevard. The site is located at 15303 Country Club Drive, <br />north of Los Serranos Boulevard/Valle Vista Drive and south of Lake Los Serranos <br />between Pipeline and Ramona. Zoning on the property is RM1-Medium Density <br />Residential. In total, the property includes 29.50 acres plus the 18.87 acre Lake Los <br />Serranos. <br />Rancho Cielito includes construction of 354, medium -density residential apartment units, <br />which will be dispersed throughout the site in 13, two-story residential carriage buildings <br />and 12, three-story residential buildings. Two clubhouses with pools and meandering <br />walkways would provide amenities throughout the proposed project. Staff is currently <br />reviewing the proposal. <br />Xscape Pods (Escape Room) <br />A new entertainment concept will be locating in Chino Hills. Business owner, Chris <br />Crump, has submitted plans to operate an escape room at the Chino Hills Marketplace <br />shopping center (4200 Chino Hills Parkway, Unit #825). The escape room will feature <br />different themed rooms that will include props, paintings, and decoration for a specific <br />theme. It's an entertainment concept that promotes teamwork to find clues and solve <br />puzzles as participants work together to unlock the room. The owner is anticipating <br />opening the escape room mid -year 2018. <br />