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CM2017-023 <br /> VI* 6,Ua,99e4 <br /> City of <br /> Chino Hills MEMORANDUM <br /> DATE: March 9, 2017 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Co .ncil <br /> FROM: rdrar <br /> Konradt Bartlam, City Man-, de tap <br /> RE: VILA BORBA DOG PARK KI+SK <br /> Public Works staff recently installed the new Vila Borba Dog Park Kiosk (photo attached) <br /> donated by Dog Park for Chino Hills. The full cost of the kiosk was $732. A small sign <br /> will be affixed to the kiosk recognizing the donation by the Dog Park for Chino Hills <br /> group. <br /> Staff is currently finalizing rules of use for the kiosk to be posted on site. Information <br /> allowed to be posted will be limited to: City events, specific events related to Vila Borba <br /> Dog Park, including non-City events, and most importantly, postings from anyone that <br /> has a lost pet. The City will not provide push pins to post the information. <br /> As part of adopting the park, Community Services staff has asked the Dog Park for Chino <br /> Hills group to help monitor the kiosk. <br /> KB:JM:ssr <br /> Attachment <br />