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CM2017-014 <br /> CI* (lailiaosei, <br /> Chino Chino Hills <br /> of <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> DATE: February 8, 2017 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Manager f 7 <br /> RE: PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION REGARDING AGENDA ITEM SD — <br /> CUSTOM HOME DESIGN REVIEW 443 FOR 3104 GIANT FOREST LOOP <br /> At their meeting on February 7, 2017, the Planning Commission (Commission) received a <br /> report from City staff regarding the above-mentioned item, a request for approval of a <br /> Custom Home Design Review for the construction of a one-story, single-family, detached <br /> residence consisting of 2,808 sq.ft. of livable space with an attached 900-sq.ft., three- <br /> car garage on a lot approximately 10,500 sq.ft. located at 3104 Giant Forest Loop. <br /> The Commission had concerns regarding the size of the proposed one-story home <br /> compared to the larger existing one and two-story homes within Payne Ranch <br /> Community. They also requested clarification on living space and the proposed California <br /> room in regards to HOA minimum house size requirement. Staff advised the Commission <br /> that the size of the home is within their purview given it is under 10% of the smallest <br /> home within the Planned Development, and noted that the owner of the property prefers <br /> a one-story home and is at the maximum lot coverage of 40% allowed. Staff also <br /> clarified that the City identifies habitable areas from the California Building Code and that <br /> the California room is not considered habitable but counts towards total square footage <br /> requirement for Payne Ranch HOA under their standards. There were no comments from <br /> the public concerning this project. The Planning Commission approved the project by <br /> unanimous vote 5-0. <br /> KB:JL:MH <br />