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CM2016-078 <br /> ala/zag <br /> City of <br /> Chino MEMORANDUM <br /> Chino Hills <br /> DATE: October 21, 2016 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Cou cil <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Man. •ey4 <br /> r <br /> RE: MILITARY BANNER PROGRAM UPDATE <br /> In July of this year, Community Services staff audited all military banners, which <br /> involved a visit to every street where banners are hung. A total of nine banners did not <br /> meet the "quality" test and were removed due to being damaged and/or faded. A tenth <br /> banner was removed because that person was being discharged. Each banner sponsor <br /> was contacted prior to any removal to determine if they wanted to replace the banner; <br /> the replacement cost is $210. To date, one banner has been retrieved by the family <br /> while nine banners remain in storage until we hear from the banner sponsor. <br /> Mike Barbin at Graphic Details, the Military Banner Program banner vendor, places a 2-3 <br /> year life span on each banner that faces sunlight. However, regardless of the direction <br /> the banner is facing, each year a level of fading will occur. In addition, we can also <br /> expect the stitching to degrade approximately two years after the banner has been <br /> hung; this increases the possibility of the banner ripping, especially in the windier areas <br /> of the City. <br /> Attached are pictures of existing banners located on Grand Avenue, facing east and <br /> west. Grand Avenue is the location for some of the oldest banners in the City. <br /> I do not recommend any major changes in the way we conduct the program at this <br /> time. Moving forward, I have directed staff to perform an annual audit every August of <br /> the existing banners. However, if during a particular year a banner is not appropriately <br /> displayed, Jonathan Marshall is to be contacted and he will respond accordingly. <br /> KB:JM:eo <br />