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The Los Serranos Infrastructure — An Overview <br /> November 2016 <br /> Los Serranos is one of the two oldest communities in the City of Chino Hills (City). The other is the Sleepy <br /> Hollow Community. Residential construction in Los Serranos started in the 1920's and the area existed as <br /> unincorporated until the formation of the City of Chino Hills in 1991. <br /> Prior to incorporation, limited residential construction occurred but could not reasonably be conditioned <br /> to construct or improve the infrastructure. It may also have been the desire of the community to maintain <br /> the rural feel of the area. Therefore, most of the streets remained as two-way narrow streets without <br /> sidewalks,drainage improvements, lighting or landscapes. On the other hand,the newer developments <br /> in the remainder of the City were conditioned to not only construct the infrastructure but to also establish <br /> funding districts for their operation and maintenance. It is important to note that the costs for <br /> constructing the infrastructure were passed onto the buyers, while the cost of maintenance was to be <br /> annually assessed on the properties. In general,the infrastructure includes roadway paving, curb, gutter, <br /> sidewalks,streetlights, parkways & landscaping,water systems,sewer systems,storm drains,etc. <br /> Since the mid-1990's,the community started to show interest in infrastructure improvements. However, <br /> Los Serranos was already built-out and no opportunities existed for securing funding from large <br /> developers. Regardless,the City responded to the desire of the community and embarked on a mission <br /> to improve Los Serranos in the early 2000's. In order to better understand the deficiencies, in 2003 the <br /> City evaluated the infrastructural conditions and identified needed drainage,streets and lighting <br /> improvements. The improvements were proposed to be phased over a multi-year program but would - <br /> primarily be dependent upon securing external funding from State and Federal governments. Such <br /> funding typically required a local match and the City was willing to absorb these costs through its General <br /> Fund. The General Fund is a limited fund,which allows for expenditures on safety(i.e. law enforcement), <br /> recreation and other basic municipal needs. <br /> Over the past ten years,the City was successful in securing a notable amount of external funding for <br /> drainage,streets,sidewalks and other improvements for Los Serranos. Over$8.5 million was received <br /> through the Safe Routes to School program, Measure I (sales tax) and Community Development Block <br /> Grant program (CDBG). For its local share,the City provided over$4.5 million from its General fund as its <br /> required local match. In total,over$10.3 million in improvements have been completed to date and two <br /> more projects will be constructed over the next six months for approximately$2.6 million. Finally, a <br /> community park is currently in design and is expected to cost approximately$3.65 million and be <br /> constructed within one year. In total, approximately$16.5 million have been dedicated to the Los <br /> Serranos infrastructure over the past decade. Attached is a table which summarizes these improvements <br /> and their costs. <br /> While the City desires to provide an equitable amount of improved infrastructure, certain areas such as <br /> Los Serranos have not been able to participate in the cost of the improvements. This is not due to any <br /> fault of the community. Rather, it is due to the era in which they were built-out and to not having a <br /> mechanism for the residents to participate in the cost of the infrastructure and its upkeep,as is the case in <br /> other parts of the City.The City has been and remains committed to continue to seek every opportunity to <br /> secure additional external funding, provide the necessary local funding match and construct the needed <br /> improvements. <br />