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CM2017-005 <br /> et6 al(aelaga <br /> City of MEMORANDUM <br /> Chino Hills <br /> DATE: January 10, 2017 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Co ci <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Ma g' 1, <br /> RE: radKIDS® PERSONAL EMPO ERMENT SAFETY EDUCATION <br /> PROGRAM <br /> The Chino Hills Police Department is in the process of advertising an interest flier <br /> (attached) to City residents about the radKIDS® safety program. The radKIDS® Personal <br /> Empowerment Safety Education program is a 10-hour family centered safety education <br /> program that emphasizes essential decision-making skills as well as physical resistance <br /> options to escape violence. radKIDS® is a life skills educational model that enhances <br /> natural instincts with real skills while increasing the foundational resiliency skills we all <br /> need to not only survive but excel. Children from 5-12 years of age participate in the <br /> program with their adult partners to create a true safety partnership. <br /> The program includes the following topics: <br /> • Home, School, and Vehicle Safety <br /> • Out and About Safety <br /> • Realistic Defense Against Abduction <br /> • Stranger Tricks <br /> • Good-Bad-Uncomfortable Touching <br /> • Self-realization of Personal Power <br /> • Internet Safety <br /> If the Police Department receives enough parent interest, we will begin the classes in <br /> spring 2017. <br /> Thank you. <br /> KB:DG:DP:ssr <br /> Attachment <br />