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CM2017-006 <br /> 410,10, 161 60/tvelfaizageit, <br /> City 01 <br /> M <br /> Chino Hills EMORANDUM <br /> DATE: January 18, 2017 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and City Cou 54/4/ <br /> VA,* <br /> FROM: Konradt Bartlam, City Manaa -/r <br /> RE: PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION REGARDING AGENDA ITEM 5B — <br /> CUSTOM HOME DESIGN REVIEW NO. 433 FOR 16005 EIGER COURT <br /> At their meeting on January 17, 2017, the Planning Commission received a report from <br /> City staff regarding the above-mentioned item, a request for approval of a Custom Home <br /> Design Review for the construction of a 6,939-sq. ft., two-story detached single family <br /> residence with an attached 713-sq. ft., three-car garage and a detached 706-sq. ft., <br /> two-car garage with storage located at 16005 Eiger Court. <br /> Vice Chair Romero asked if the proposed custom home was located in a Homeowners <br /> Association (HOA) and, if so, would the HOA issue approval to the applicant. Staff <br /> responded that the proposed custom home will be located within the Oak Tree Downs <br /> gated community and that the applicant did receive HOA approval. Vice Chair Romero <br /> also requested that Design Review applicants be requested to provide color and material <br /> boards with their submittals. <br /> Commissioner Voigt asked if the proposed solar panels for the new custom home would <br /> be sufficient power for such a large home. The applicant, Jack Wang, responded that the <br /> proposed solar panel design would have sufficient power for the new custom home. <br /> There were no comments from the public concerning this project. The Planning <br /> Commission approved the project by unanimous vote 5-0. <br /> KB:JL:JW:ssr <br />